SSIS Students Excel at World Scholar’s Cup 2019

What is World Scholar’s Cup?

Founded in 2007, the World Scholar’s Cup brings together students from all over the world every year, aiming to inspire young people of all backgrounds a love of learning, a confidence in new skills, and a sense of global citizenship. 

On 27 – 28 April, SSIS students were among the 700 scholars competing in the Shanghai Regional Round of the World Scholars Cup competition.

The SSIS delegation included 24 scholars from Grades 6 to 11 who had been preparing for this rigorous academic tournament since January 2019.

SSIS students competed in four main events: the Scholar’s Challenge, the Team Debate, Collaborative Writing, and the Scholar’s Bowl.

Grade 6 student Ranya BIJLANI was among the scholars selected to act as adjudicator during the Debate Showcase.

The delegation represented SSIS well, earning 57 silver medals, 88 gold medals, and 12 trophies. Ultimately, all 24 members of the delegation qualified for the Global Round!

A few highlights of the awards won by SSIS delegates are:

Junior Division

4th place Individual Debater 

Esther LEE

5th place Team Writing 

Anouska PANADA, Daphne GURKAN, Sanjana PILLAI

8th place Scholars Bowl 

Anouska PANADA, Daphne GURKAN, Sanjana PILLAI

8th place Champion Team

Anouska PANADA, Daphne GURKAN, Sanjana PILLAI

10th place Team Debate

Jade RAMPTON, Esther LEE, Emma KWON

Senior Division

1st place Scholar’s Challenge (Literature) 


1st place Scholar’s Challenge (Literature) 


4th place Team Challenge 


10th place Champion Scholar

Arundhati GORE

Congratulations to all of our hardworking scholars on an outstanding WSC season!

WSC is a true opportunity for students to delve into a wide range of topics with one’s peers in a way that is simultaneously challenging and fun.

What makes WSC so special is how learning is fostered. Students look forward to spending 2 jam packed days of writing, debating, and collaborating with their teams because the material is relevant yet challenging.  

This year’s students were no exception. Throughout the weekend SSIS students were always full of smiles when both winning and facing challenges head on. When all was said and done, I am proud of how “pwaasome” our scholars did this year!

Rebecca WEISZ

Senior School Teacher

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