Successful CIS Accreditation Visit to SSIS

What is CIS?

The Council of International Schools (CIS) is a global non-profit membership organization committed to high quality international education. CIS helps international schools enhance student learning by undertaking an ongoing external quality assurance process.

Last week SSIS warmly welcomed the CIS team to perform the accreditation service for our school. The results turned out to be very promising and the team was full of praise of our hospitality, openness and efficiency during their week at our school.

A big thank you and congratulations to everyone- faculty and support staff for making the CIS Team Accreditation Visit a very successful one.

Through the self-study reports, interviews and classroom observations conducted by the CIS team, here are some highlighted points shared by Lorraine Wicks, CIS Team Chairperson last Friday.  

Guiding Statements

Every member of the faculty, support staff and student is committed to and is working hard towards the school’s guiding statements and strategic plans. There is strong trust between the School Board and the Core Leadership Team. The cohesion and unity in this relationship benefit the development of the school and provide a strong foundation for the learning environment for students. 

Effective Communications with Parents

Parents have huge trust in SSIS and they are satisfied as they believe the school can bring out the best of their children. Both parents and teachers show a great sense of well-being and connectedness to one another. There is openness and constant communication between the school and parents.

High Retention of Quality Educators

Teachers are keen to learn and SSIS provides them opportunities to further their skills and experience. SSIS teachers are constantly looking at how to improve teaching and learning through Professional Development (PD) so that they can bring back new learning experiences to the school. This is mutually beneficial for building a better school and also for teachers themselves, because when they leave the school, they also leave as better educators. 

The next academic year promises to be an exciting one with both campuses coming together. Together with new and upgraded facilities, an integrated curriculum and more staff and resources, we look forward to the continuous improvement as a school, especially in the knowledge that our students will be the ones who will ultimately benefit from the effort we invest into this learning community.

As we await the full report which will be ready in about 6 weeks’ time, we remain steadfast on our journey of self-reflection and strive for excellence!

Greetings from SSIS Admissions Office!
2024-06-13 04:35:31
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