Preschoolers Learning out of the Classroom

This past week was a much-anticipated one for our young learners as they headed out for their first excursions for this academic year! Here’s a look at the adventures we had this week.

Pre-Nursery and Nursery : Shanghai Zoo

Our Pre-Nursery and Nursery children went on their first Autumn Excursion to the Shanghai Zoo. In line with the upcoming theme on “Animals”, this excursion served as an introduction to various zoo animals and the distinction between farm animals, wild animals and pets. 

The children had an enjoyable time looking at and identifying animals they were familiar with and other new animals too! After all the excitement touring the zoo, the children refueled by settling down to a picnic lunch.

During their lunch, the children could not help but to continue talking about the different animals they saw!

Kindergarten 1 : Sun Island Mahota Farm

As we rode the bus out of the busy city with its many people and bustling highways, the children gazed with wonder at the stretches of farmland before them. The excitement permeated the air as the children cheered, sang songs and talked to one another about the things they would see and do on Sun Island, even before we arrived!

Our K1 cohort were all smiles as they reached the farm of our sister company Sun Island Resort. They started the day by trying their hand at baking. Words like mix, blend, knead and roll will sure come in handy as they start their Term 2 Theme on Cooking.

As their cookies were baking, the children set off to visit the farm’s local residents, which consisted of some healthy pigs, hungry goats and happy rabbits.

After some fun and games on the open field, we finished the day by touring the farm and learning how to pick vegetables. 

Upon finishing lunch and preparing to board our buses, the buzz in the air was, “Aw, we’re leaving already? Can we please come again next time?” It sure was a great day.

Kindergarten 2 : 24 Solar Terms Exhibition

During our learning centre time, the K2 children have been learning about the 24 Solar Terms of the Chinese calendar. Throughout ancient China, the 24 Solar Terms have greatly influenced people’s basic needs. Our children have been learning that the importance of this early “calendar” of the sun’s rotation is ever-present and can be applied to everyday living.

As the K2 arrived at the 24 Solar Terms Exhibition they were eager to find out more about the things which they had learnt at school. Dressed in their traditional costumes, they are ready to make an old-fashioned Chinese snack. Can you guess what it is?

Using an ancient method, the children prepared the tools and ingredients to make hawthorn pills. First, they learnt how to weigh the herbs by using a stone weighing tool. Next, they ground the herbs into a powder with the grinding device.

After the herbs were turned into a powder and filtered, the mixture was ready to be rolled and pressed into pills with the pressing tool! The K2 children’s curiosity and knowledge of the 24 Solar Terms were truly piqued as they experienced this unique hands-on experience.

All our Preschoolers definitely enjoyed their day out learning and having fun. They are already looking forward to their Spring excursion next year!

In SSIS, out-of-the-classroom experiences are ways of enhancing classroom learning by allowing our students to make real world connections.

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