Little Superheroes to Make Our Planet Greener

At SSIS, we aim to equip our youngest students about knowledge of themselves and the environment they live in. While it can be a difficult concept for our preschoolers to understand, our team of teachers educate through experiential and hands-on activities. This term our K2 students learn language development, English and Chinese writing, art and craft skills all through the theme of “environment”.

To kick off the theme, the teachers “surprised” the K2 kids by deliberately messing up a classroom and filling it with rubbish. They wanted to provoke a reaction by all the kids; the reaction turned into a discussion. The students were able to express their thoughts about the environment through drawings and words. In this way, communication skills were taught through a relatable subject. 

The six teachers on this project collaborated with parents to bring recyclable items from home for the children to sort into the four major recycling bins (paper, plastic, fabric and cans). They learnt that this helps to reduce pollution. We certainly hope that our children grow to be responsible and help to play their part in recycling items.

Eladna LIM, K2 Teacher

As part of the efforts to save our environment, the children were introduced to the 3Rs – Reuse, Reduce and Recycle – through books and videos. They also had to brainstorm ways to reduce (use less), reuse (use it again) and recycle (make something new). Through arts and crafts, the kids created posters related to 3Rs so that they could share specific examples to the rest of the preschool students.

Our Chinese teachers also made the children think of specific areas of reducing water usage. They illustrated and created pamphlets, e.g. “Let’s Save Water”, or “Every Drop Counts”. Then, the children had to decide where in the school they wanted to paste the pamphlets.

During assembly, our K2 presented their learnings through a video and song to the rest of the preschool children. The song Save My World reminds us that pollution is a present and constant danger and that we all need to do something about it.

The learning never stops and this green project will continue all through the semester.

At SSIS, it’s never too early to instill values of care and commitment to the kids. We hope that our children can be little ambassadors now and grow up to be global citizens who have a part to play in helping solve environmental issues.
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