International Family Bazaar 2019

On 16 November, the sun shone brightly on SSIS as friends and families were welcomed onto the campus for our biggest International Family Bazaar (IFB). The great weather certainly brought the crowd into our community event, and with over 100 booths of games, shopping and food, plus a full day of music performances and entertainment, our fans indeed found plenty of reasons to stay.

The theme this year was ‘The More We Get Together’, a familiar song that provided a rousing start to the bazaar. IFB allowed us to celebrate as a community and also chip in to help with charitable causes.

Throughout the day, dozens of talented performers—Preschool, Primary School, Senior School, teachers and invited guests—were on the stage with their music, poetry readings and dances to ensure an upbeat festival vibe. These recitals, music solos, group jams and dances allowed our students to build confidence and showcase their talents.

Hungry punters also loved the international culinary offerings from Singapore, India, Mexico, The Netherlands, the USA and much more. Delighted friends also had shopping options from over 51 booths of household products, skincare, accessories, groceries, sports gear, toys, gift items and furniture (we’re pretty sure not many left empty-handed!). The bouncy castle and popcorn stand (thank you PSG!) and petting zoo provided great photo moments, while the lucky draws—with fantastic prizes donated by sponsors and vendors—brought smiles to the winners.

None of us can do an event by ourselves, but when we get together, we can do small things with great love and execute IFB perfectly. Thank you to all the sponsors, vendors, volunteers, students, teachers, school administration department, government related depts, performers and all the people who came!

IFB enables communication between families, teachers and parents, upper and lower grade students, even between friends outside and SSIS families. We share SSIS values with the people we care about and enjoy the time we spend together.
Sunny CHO (Parent Support Group Exco)

The IFB successfully brought the entire SSIS community together in a day of fun and friendship. We would like to thank all staff, student volunteers and parent volunteers for putting everything together. 

The 2019 IFB Organizing Committee would like to thank the following sponsors and vendors for their generous contributions to our Lucky Draw!

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