Preschool (Early Years) News

T2W9 – 1 Mar 2024

Dear Families,

Preschool has had a wonderfully busy and engaging February! Our community continues to shine by keeping the learner at the centre of all we do. Here are some of the highlights from the past two weeks:

100 Days of School Event: Fun, Problem-Solving, and Mystery!

On February 21st, we celebrated the much-anticipated “100 Days of School” event! Our students and teachers came together to mark this significant milestone by following clues to find mystery people! Students collaborated and celebrated their achievements with great enthusiasm. It was a mission, possible!

Poetry Week: Reading is an Adventure!

This week across SSIS, we celebrated Poetry Week, a time dedicated to fostering a love for all things literacy and rhyme. At the Divisional Assembly, students from all year levels participated in poetry recitals sharing the joy of poetry. Throughout the week, year levels had word hunts, games and poetry reading to enhance language skills, critical thinking, and self-expression!

Summer Concert Information

I am thrilled to share that the much-awaited concert information has been sent home via class WeCom groups. The Preschool Summer Concert promises to be an unforgettable performance filled with music, dance, and entertainment. Please mark your calendars and join us on Friday, May 10th in the PAC! More sign-up information will be shared in coming weeks.

Respectfully Yours,

Sonia Barghani, Ed.D.

Preschool (Early Years) Principal

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