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T2W9 – 1 Mar 2024

Dear Families,

Our students and teachers have been involved in an exciting literary journey “Reading is an Adventure”.

Our hallways and classrooms have been buzzing with the magic of poetry as each grade has explored the unique themes through verse, showcasing the diverse worlds discovered in their readings.

Poetry Contest: students have been unleashing their creativity and submitting original poems for the Poetry Contest. Our judges are eagerly looking forward to seeing their unique perspectives and imaginative expressions come to life on paper.

Push Pin Poetry: some classes have had the opportunity to work with our librarian Mr Browne creating push pin poetry where students create spontaneous poems together, fostering teamwork and creativity.

Teacher Poetic Showcase: our teachers have also been writing poems and discovering their hidden talents as they showcase their poetic prowess. It has been a wonderful opportunity for students to see their teachers in a different light and appreciate their diverse talents.

Class Poems Display: To help infuse our school environment with the spirit of poetry we will be decorating the halls with poetry trees on different levels. Poems will be displayed in front of classrooms and the halls.

Poetry Anthology: We are once again thrilled to announce that selected poems from students and teachers will be turned into an Anthology for each class and the school library. This will serve as a cherished keepsake of our shared creativity and literary exploration.

As a special recognition, winners of the poetry contest will be honoured with specially designed bookmarks, celebrating their achievements and inspiring them on their continued literary journey.

It has been great to see students and teachers embark on this adventure together!

100 Days of School

Last week, we celebrated 100 days of school. This marks a significant milestone in our academic journey, highlighting the dedication and perseverance of our students and teachers. From counting activities to reflections on achievements, the 100th day serves as a time for students to showcase their growth and accomplishments throughout the school year. As we celebrated this special day, we look forward to continuing our educational adventures with enthusiasm, curiosity, and a hundred days’ worth of memories to cherish.

Kind regards,

Tony Rampton

Primary School Principal

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