Greetings from Head of School

T2W6 — 26 Jan 2024

Dear Parents, 

Stronger Together, forever!

Last Saturday night, Shanghai Singapore International School (SSIS) held its very first international alumni event in Hong Kong, and it was a night to remember. With around 25 past students in attendance, the evening was a wonderful celebration of connection and nostalgia. Alumni gathered to reminisce about their time at SSIS and share stories about the school and its teaching staff. It was a proud moment for us to see the remarkable young adults that our former students had become.

The night provided a unique opportunity for alumni to reconnect and strengthen their bond with each other and with the school. The importance of such connections cannot be overstated. Alumni play a crucial role in the development and growth of a school, and events like this help to foster a sense of community and support among graduates. By coming together, alumni can share their experiences, offer guidance to younger alumni, and inspire one another to achieve their goals. This support was seen on Saturday night.

Attending the international alumni event allowed participants to see firsthand the impact of their education and the positive influence of the school’s teaching staff. It was a chance to reflect on the valuable lessons learned, values formed, and the lifelong friendships forged during their time at SSIS.

For those who were unable to attend, the message is clear: your presence was missed, but your connection to SSIS and your fellow alumni remains strong. The success of this inaugural international alumni event sets the stage for future gatherings and opportunities to reconnect. Those who attended last Saturday’s celebration are already starting to plan for the next event, hopefully in Singapore!

The event highlighted the importance of alumni in the growth and development of the school and showcased the remarkable individuals that SSIS has nurtured. As the alumni network grows, the impact of these events will help shape the future of the school and its graduates. I would encourage all past students to update their contact details with our admissions office. They will connect you with others and share ongoing information about the school, your networking opportunities, and future reunions!

Stronger Together, 

Mr. Shirley

Head of School

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2024-07-13 14:33:34
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