Student Services

T1W7 – 14 Oct 2022

SSIS Wellness during Distance Learning 

This is a school year like no other! During this year, we all had to learn to live with uncertainty as it continues to be a turbulent and confusing time for all – with so many different messages from the media, governments, social networks, and even friends and acquaintances. 

As we navigate the current Distance Learning, we continue to face a time of great opportunity and challenge. We need to balance the demands of online classes with other activities to keep you all sane and healthy. 

In the next newsletters, we hope to keep you updated as we find new resources about things you can do at home to manage the pressures of work and school and maintain your and your family members’ mental health. Take a look at the sections below for ideas. 

Remember that SSIS counsellors and teachers are here to support. Please reach out if you have any concerns or question.  

Here you will find some ideas about how to give yourself a break from your work and take care of both your mind and body. When engaged with work at home, the line between school/work life and home life can become blurred. Make sure to keep healthy boundaries and take time for yourself. If there is something you particularly enjoy, please feel free to share it with the counsellors and we can include it here! 

Physical Exercise 
Cultural Breaks 

HD Opera at the Met – Enjoy the beauty of opera from the comfort of your home. Check out the Metropolitan Opera schedule, get cozy on your couch, and watch some incredible performances. 

Google Arts and Culture – Links to a variety of museums and art displays, as well as tours of cultural sites. Travel the world and see some of the most compelling works of art! 

Louvre Virtual Tours 

Hermitage Virtual Tours 

Metropolitan Museum Tours 

British Museum Tours

Digital Books 

  • Audible has made hundreds of titles for adults and children available for free during this difficult time. Check it out 
  • Scribd also has an immense digital library. 

Royal Opera House – More streaming of opera and ballet! 

Globe Theatre TV – Brush up your Shakespeare! You can watch taped performances of your favorite plays. 

Mental Breaks 

Some Helpful Apps  
  • Headspace & Smiling Minds for taking a mental break. 
  • Self Control for turning off notifications during a particular time period to help you work more efficiently. 
  • Loop Habit Tracker–see where your time is going and schedule both work and break time to become more efficient.