Primary School News

T2W13 – 10 March 2023

Dear Parents,

Getting Ready for the Student-Led Conferences

Our students are excited to present their e-Portfolios to you at the conferences while their form teachers facilitate. The children have worked hard choosing work samples in each subject area and, more importantly, reflecting on their learning journey and setting new goals. 

 At the conference, please support your child by:

  • Listening actively when they present
  • Acknowledging their effort
  • Praising their growth and achievement
  • Telling them how you would support them in reaching their goals

If you have questions about your child’s progress, please email the form teacher or the subject teacher to schedule another meeting.

Have a great time celebrating your child’s achievements at the SLC!

STEAM Programmes for Grade 1 and Grade 4

We are excited to announce our Term 3 STEAM learning arrangement! During this term, our learners in grades 1 and 4 will be exploring the relationship between pushing and pulling forces and light and shadow for the next 7 weeks.
Grade 1 learners will have the opportunity to understand the basic mechanics of pushing and pulling forces, explore different materials and their relationship to the forces of pushing and pulling, use basic engineering skills to build structures with the materials provided, experiment with different objects and structures to demonstrate the effects of pushing and pulling forces, and develop an understanding of the effects of pushing and pulling forces on objects and structures.
Meanwhile, learners in Grade 4 will learn about the effects of light on an object, including the ability to recognize how changes in light source, distance, and angle affect the size, shape, and color of a shadow; identify basic shapes and use them to create their own lanterns; and apply the concepts of light and shadow to create a 3D STEAM project using materials from their environment.
We are confident that our STEAM learning will help our learners gain a better understanding of pushing and pulling forces as well as light and shadows.
If you have any questions regarding our Term 3 STEAM learning arrangement, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Thank you for your support and we look forward to a wonderful term of STEAM learning.

Earthquake Donation

Our students and parents generously donated to those in need in Turkey and Syria. The donations received were beyond our imagination and will surely make a difference.  Here is what our students think about the Donation Drive.

“After the earthquake in Turkey, many people were homeless. What they needed most was a place to sleep. My family thought of donating sleeping bags. My dad’s colleagues brought out the sleeping bag they bought for their COVID lockdown. We collected a total of 150 sleeping bags. Although it was a struggle to get the sleeping bags delivered to school, it made me delighted to think that so many people would have a sleeping bag to sleep in that was donated by us.”  –  KUAN, Ke-Ning G4 Angsana

“It was good to help the people in Turkey by donating food and clothes. We packed 4 bags, 3 of which were full of clothes, blankets, and toys. My dad sent his Manchester City blanket. I sent a keychain toy because I wanted to try and make another kid happy. In the pocket of a jacket, I sent a note to a girl to see if she’s ok, and I sent my address and postcode so that maybe we could become pen pals. The school did a good job!” – KEANE, Annie Fang G3 Angsana

“When I heard of this earthquake affecting Turkey and Syria, I felt sad for the victims and hoped to do something to help them. I was glad that SSIS was collecting donations for Turkey, so I told my mom that I wanted to help. We scoured our wardrobe for winter clothing that was in good condition for donation. We also dug out a new sleeping bag and useful items from the storeroom. When I went to school carrying everything that we wanted to donate, my arms ached, but I kept going, knowing it was for a good cause to help people. My mom also bought a lot of other things, but they didn’t arrive in time, so we just sent it to the Syria warehouse. I hope that our donation gives some consolation to the victims that they are not alone and that they will recover from the heartache for their losses and rebuild their homeland again.” – NG, Yong Jun Ryan G6 Oak

The Spring Charity Sale

From February 21st to 24th, the school PSG organized a week-long spring charity sale. The following are some comments from students who participated in the event.

“通过这个Hello Spring义卖活动,可以帮助更多小朋友,献爱心。同时自己也很开心,可以买到自己想要的东西。” – G2 Maple XU Yiduo

“上周我们参加的Hello Spring义卖活动,我很喜欢。这个活动很有意义,能让我们有机会去帮助贫困的人,改善他们的生活。– G4 Maple WANG Katherine

“这次Hello Spring义卖活动,我觉得很开心,因为可以和朋友们一起浏览义卖商品。我感觉这次义卖活动很好,不仅可以帮助有困难的儿童,还可以低价买到自己喜欢的东西。希望下一年还举办类似的活动,帮助更多的儿童。“ – G6 Oak   XIANG Mina

Best regards,

Ms Ramida Din (Primary School Principal)

Mr Tony Rampton (Primary School Assistant Principal)