Primary School News

T1W4 – 22 Sept 2023

Dear Parents,

Reading is not just a fundamental skill; it is also a gateway to a world of imagination and knowledge. As parents, we have the incredible opportunity to share the joy of reading with our children and explore different forms of writing together. 

When we read to our children, we model oral reading skills that can help them express their feelings and thoughts. By hearing us read aloud, they learn how to use tone, inflection, and pauses to convey meaning. This not only enhances their language skills but also boosts their confidence in expressing themselves. 

Reading together also allows for shared understanding about texts. As we discuss the stories, characters, and themes, we create a bond with our children. This shared experience fosters a sense of connection and helps them develop empathy and understanding of others. 

Furthermore, reading together develops vocabulary. Through exposure to a wide range of words and phrases, children expand their vocabulary and improve their language skills. This, in turn, enhances their ability to communicate effectively and express themselves clearly. 

Beyond the educational benefits, reading provides a natural way to connect with your child. In our busy lives, finding quality time to spend with our children can be challenging. However, setting aside a few minutes each day to read together creates a special bond. It becomes a time when we can escape into a world of imagination, share laughter, and create lasting memories. 

To make the most of this precious time, choose books that align with your child’s interests and age. Whether it’s a picture book, a chapter book, or even a comic, the key is to make reading enjoyable and engaging. Encourage your child to ask questions, make predictions, and share their thoughts about the story. 

In conclusion, reading to your children is not only about teaching them to read; it is about instilling a love for reading and learning. By sharing the joy of reading, modelling oral reading skills, fostering shared understanding, developing vocabulary, and connecting with your child, you are nurturing their intellectual, emotional, and social growth. So, let’s grab a book, snuggle up, and embark on a magical reading adventure together! 

Stronger Together, 

Mr. Shirley 

As the weather starts to cool down grades 1 to 3 are preparing for their excursions to Chen Shan Botanical Gardens (G1&2) and Shanghai Zoo (G3) on the 20th October. It’s a time for them to explore and enjoy the outdoors while enhancing what they have learned in the classroom. The consent form will be available through SchoolsBuddy on October 9 – October 13. 

We will continue with the parent chaperone arrangement for G1 to G3 day excursions. Parents from each class will be able to volunteer to chaperone during the excursion. Two parents from each class will be selected to help chaperone. If more than two parents volunteer, we will conduct a lottery draw. We look forward to your active participation. Please save the date!

During the first few weeks of the school year, children in G4-6 were invited to try out for this year’s school council. Across all grade levels there was a lot of interest, with most nominees gaining a place in the council. The election process involved peer nomination and voting as well as an interview round. I was incredibly impressed with all the candidates I interviewed. The level of maturity shown and preparation that went into their campaigns was admirable. Each student selected to represent the Primary Division on the school council showed enthusiasm and dedication to the role. From Grade 4 our representatives are: Funa Takeda, Curtin Chien, Swastika Sharvi Jha, Tiffany Sum Yui Lim; from G5 Aditya Nath Bose, Pranavi Mayur Chabbi, Louisa Weilu Qin, Tiffany Quinn Arches Antonio, Jui-Jung (Tong Tong) Chan; from G6 Aimee Shi, Meher Agnihotri, Alexander-Cruz Pillay, Lok Ham Shum (Lauren), Cherry Shi and Tsz Lam Qui (Helen). 

Throughout the year the council will be involved in a weekly council meeting. Council members serve as a voice for their peers. The purpose of these meetings is to plan and implement strategies and events across the Primary Division to improve the student experience.  

From: Ms Sarah Green

Student leadership is an integral part of the school life here at SSIS and for Grade 5 and 6 this means an opportunity to be part of the school council executive committee, or to take on the role of House Captain.

The process to become a House Captain is rigorous. First students are required to complete an application that asks them to articulate their own thoughts on what the role of a House Captain should be and how leadership can help develop their house further. Once completed, all applicants are then asked to present why they thought they should be a House Captain/ Vice house captain and what they would do if they were given the role. From there, the Grade 6 teachers in each house selected the four students they felt were most suited to be shortlisted for an interview with members of the SSIS primary leadership team. Finally, each of the four candidates was interviewed individually and must show how articulate they are when under the pressure of a formal interview. 

I was so impressed by all the candidates that applied for this term; each one was brave and took a risk by stepping outside of their comfort zone. Each interview panel found it extremely difficult to decide which candidates should be given the post of House Captain and in the end the candidates that were best able to discuss their ideas on how to better develop their house team this term was chosen. Well done to all and good luck to the newly appointed Captains.  

I would like to congratulate the following people who are the leaders for their houses; Rohan Krisha, KAO, Ga King(Kingsley), Jennifer LIANGLingfeng TAO, LIM, Joengyoon (Lily), XU, Ruilang (Ella), Tang, Chit (Lennon), PITKANEN, Mia Xie 

From: Mr Brandon Van Blommestein 

This year Sabre’s Adventure will be closely linked to the Primary School Attributes. We are starting the year focusing on ‘Communicative’. Throughout the week, children from G1-G6 are encouraged by their teachers to put the attributes into practice. On Fridays, children who have stood out for displaying this attribute will be celebrated by being presented with the class Sabre to take home over the weekend.  

Over the weekend, the Sabre will have many adventures. These can be recorded and presented in many different ways; with the book provided, through a photo slide show, PPT, speech or short video for example. Children will then share the adventure with the rest of their class during HR time on Monday.  

From: Ms Sarah Green 

Every Friday, Homeroom teachers will be posting information and pictures about what has been happening in the different subjects through WeCom. Information regarding each subject will be shared on a bi-weekly schedule.  

For more detailed information about each subject, you can refer to ManageBac. 

Week A Week B 
– English – Physical Education 
– Math – Health 
– Science – Visual Art 
– Social Studies – Music 
– Chinese – Technology/Pastoral Care 

Mental health is important to overall health, not just in adults but children as well. It is critical for parents to be aware of their child’s mental wellbeing. Mental disorders affect many children and families all over the world. Mentally healthy children have a positive quality of life and can function well at home, in school, and in their communities. As parents you can: 

Stronger Together, 

Mr David Shirley (Head of School & Primary School Principal)

Mr Tony Rampton (Primary School Assistant Principal)