SSIS’s Official Magazine FLOW Issue 3 is Out!

We’re happy to announce the publication of issue three of FLOW, SSIS’s official magazine. Created by the Marketing Department, and with contributions and features by students and faculty, FLOW represents the school’s voice and talents.

In this issue, we’ve taken a deep dive into our ‘Innovation’ theme. We discuss what innovation means, and what SSIS is doing, adapting, and implementing in our strive for excellence. “In SSIS, innovation isn’t just about technology, it’s about how we are doing things differently, or how we are finding clever ways to do the same thing. We discuss how we can improve efficiency and reshape output,”  says David FUHRMANN LIM, FLOW Editor/Communications Manager.

Other Highlights in the Issue

01.Find out how we’re adopting iPads for future learning.

02.An interview with Sherry HSIAO, another alumna back to teach at SSIS.

03.Life lessons from SSIS Parent George Yan, founder and CEO of Clobotics.

FLOW magazine showcases the creative writing and artistic output of our students, as it is published for the education community, our media partners, parents and students. For the student writers, this was a chance to learn not just feature writing, but also the process of getting a magazine published, and it is a part of their CAS project. 

We welcome more writers into our FLOW family, so if you are keen to contribute, come speak to us.

Scan the QR code to read/download the magazine

You may also download digital copies of our quarterly magazine on our school’s website Campus Life > Publications.

For any editorial matters, or if you wish to provide commentary or contribute articles, please contact our editor at