Message from Campus Principal (Operations)

T3W4 – 14 April 2023

Dear SSIS Community, 

Greetings to all students and families!

We hope that many of you parents and all of our students had a great time at the much-awaited International Friendship Day (IFD) – a fun day of diversity and making friends across all cultures! It has been a few years since we could have our parent volunteers on campus to host such a great and meaningful community event. We are definitely fortunate that we can put the past behind us and regain the normalcy many of us fondly remember.

School Calendar AY2023-2024

For some of us, the upcoming summer is the first time in as long as 3 years that we can make our way back to our home country! Though we had to adjust some calendar dates at the end of last year, we are happy to have been able to replace all the school days during the latest Tomb-sweeping holidays. If all goes well, by the time we end on 15 June, we would have surpassed SEC school day requirements for the academic year.

We finalised the AY23/24 School Calendar and are happy to share the much-anticipated calendar to all our families.

  • Orientation Day will fall on 26 August (Saturday) and the first day of school is 29 August (Tuesday). To be on the prudent side, we decided to start the school year on the week of 1 September in case a call for distance learning is warranted by the SEC similar to the start of this academic year. This would minimise any potential impact to our face-to-face number of school days.
  • We will also resume the traditional 2 weeks of holidays during Christmas and Chinese New Year to encourage and enable our community to catch up with beloved family and loved ones during such special occasions.
  • We will retain the 3-day Tomb-sweeping holiday as a short break and the 1-day Labour day holiday due to the commencement of critical G10 IGCSE and G12 IBDP external examinations.
  • The summer holidays will thus start later on 20 June 2024.
  • Our plan for the AY2425 School Calendar and beyond is to gradually move the Orientation Day and first day of school back to the middle of August.

Stronger Together

Yours sincerely,