Message from Head of School

T1W11 – 11 Nov 2022

Dear Parents, 

This weekend sees the return of our famous IFB, and it is sure to be one of the highlights of our school calendar. As a school community, we have had to wait for a number of years for its return and I know that we are all looking forward to this event with open hearts. I would like to also recognize all staff members and parent volunteers that have made this day possible. It is sure to be a great success. 

While the IFB is not a part of the official school curriculum it will certainly have a major influence on the overall learning experience of our students. Major school gatherings such as the IFB benefit students in ways that no textbook, formal lessons, or workshop can fully replicate. Our students will also form strong memories of this day that will stay with them for a long time. There are several reasons why schools, like us, should always plan such events. Here are a few: 

1. To develop emotional intelligence 
Community events develop social skills and empathy, the outward-oriented dimensions of emotional intelligence (EQ). The interactions or conversations elicited by events like the IFB help students build relationships, understand different perspectives, and engage with and appreciate other cultures. School community events also provide an opportunity to expand one’s social circle and understanding. 

2. To take a break 
All work and no play can diminish productivity. It’s always good to take one’s mind off the stress of exams, reports, and homework from time to time—something that participating in events like the IFB can provide. Whether it’s by watching a class performance on the IFB stage or by volunteering for a booth, a “study break” lets students recuperate by focusing on activities that exercise their creative, and mental muscles. Having a well-earned break also lets our students have some old-fashioned fun! 

3. To build relationships 
Participating in school community events also enables students to work with and enjoy their friends in a different context, it allows them to experience, and develop new friendships and it helps students see their friends in different ways. This is a very important part of developing positive and healthy relationships. Events like the IFB also bring parents and teachers together. This connection has enormous benefits for our students, and it is something that we, as a community, need to focus on.  

So, no matter the reason why you are attending the IFB this weekend you can rest assured that your child will gain a multitude of benefits by attending and I guarantee you that they will have a lot of fun along the way. 

Please come and see hello to me at the IFB! 

Stronger Together,

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