Campus Safety 4: Securing Our Future

The important roles our security teams play in our children’s education.

Yesterday, the school’s security team received a banner from a group of grateful kindergarten parents, acknowledging the hard work that the team performs tirelessly. Regardless of weather or traffic conditions, the security team is on the frontline, working round-the-clock, to ensure our safety and wellbeing.

Protecting the safety of children is their primary objective. Furthermore, the duties of the security team include:

1) Strictly adhering to the school’s traffic plan, enforcing discipline and being committed to their duties. When traffic jams occur within and outside the school, our security team will ensure that school buses and parents’ vehicles can safely and expediently enter and leave the campus.

2) Strictly managing the personnel entering and leaving the school gate. For students, staff, and other members of our SSIS community, they will enter the school using their SSIS-issued cards under the supervision of our security team. Additionally, the team will ensure that the identity of all other visitors are verified before they are allowed into the school building.

3) Take active and effective measures to prevent fire, burglary, flooding, damage, and accidents. When faced with adverse rain conditions, the security team will place anti-flooding devices on all first floor entrances of each building to reduce the likelihood of flooding; they will also monitor the rate of rainfall throughout its duration. The security team plays an important role in the conduct of the school’s regular fire and lockdown drills held every term, and the staff and students do actively cooperate with the school’s security measures.

The security team is a critical part of SSIS’s day to day operations. They have clearly demonstrated, to students and parents, that SSIS staff are dedicated and hard-working. 

In SSIS, everyone is an educator. Each staff member (both teaching and non-teaching)may have different positions and responsibilities, but the educational role we play remains the same. We are role models to every child in the school: we treat people politely, and our serious and determined commitment to work reflects positively towards the children.

There is an African proverb which says that nurturing a child requires the efforts of the entire village. Let us work together to teach our children well.

At SSIS, we strive to create a safe environment where parents will be 100% assured to entrust their child into our care.