Message from Campus Principal (Operations)

T1W7 – 14 Oct 2022

Dear SSIS Community,

Thank you for your support and understanding as together we navigate our way through the sudden Distance Learning notifications from the local authorities.

Today, we received an update from the Minhang Education Bureau noting that Distance Learning will continue until Tuesday 18 October for the whole school. Preschool, Primary and Senior School will continue to have distance learning on Monday and Tuesday. We need to wait for the release notification from the bureau to confirm whether face-to-face learning can resume in school on Wednesday, 19 October. We will inform our community promptly with relevant school information as we get it.

  • For Preschool and Primary families on the 3-day home quarantine and 4-day health observation period, parents can leave their homes to go to work. All students and household members should continue to refrain from going out unless absolutely necessary and avoid crowded places.
  • All Senior School staff, students and household members will continue to complete their 7-day home quarantine.
  • All students, staff and household members should continue to get a daily PCR test, unless your compound has mandated a different schedule. We understand your difficulties to coordinate the testing so please only submit the latest PCR test results screenshots via this link when you have them.

One gentle reminder is to continue to practice healthy habits such as regular hand washing and wearing a mask when going out to public areas, especially in enclosed or crowded places. Please ensure your child comes to school wearing a mask even though it is not a piece of compulsory protective equipment.

As we enjoy the Autumn cool, the weather is also turning quite rapidly. Please stay warm and dress appropriately for the change of seasons.

Take care and we look forward to seeing all of you face-to-face soon!

Ms Billie LEONG




  • 对于处于3天居家隔离+4天健康观察的幼儿部和小学部家庭,父母可以正常上班。所有学生和家庭成员应保持非必要不外出,并避免扎堆聚集。
  • 所有中学生,家庭成员以及教职工将继续完成7天的居家隔离。
  • 所有学生、教职工和家庭成员应继续每天进行核酸检测,除非您的小区或防疫部门规定了具体的核酸采样时间。我们充分理解您的处境,所以只需要您在获得最新的核酸检测结果后,截图并通过链接提交。