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T3W8 – 12 May 2023

Dear Parents,

This month, Ms. Joy Zheng (Primary School Counsellor) and myself presented during Parent Education Programme on the impact of screen time on child’s mental health. Here are the essential strategies for initial conversations with your child.

Seven Standards of Responsible Use of Social Media

  1. Share your values 分享你的价值观
  2. Protect Privacy 保护隐私
  3. Be Balanced: Screen Time vs. Face Time 保持平衡:屏幕时间与面对面时间
  4. If you see something, SAY SOMETHING (Stop, Block, Screenshot, Talk) 如果你看到什么,说点什么(停止、阻止、截图、谈话)
  5. Challenge them to follow positive role models 挑战他们效仿积极的榜样
  6. Rule for all Social Media responses: Is it True, is it Kind, is it Helpful? 所有社交媒体回复的规则:它是真实的、友好的、有帮助的吗?
  7. Talk often with each other (family meetings and stay informed). 经常彼此交谈(家庭会议并随时了解情况).

How Can We Help As Adults?

  • Screen time is a privilege, not a right. 屏幕时间是一种特权,而不是权利。
  • Parents are NOT helpless bystanders. (Power structure is VERY important, at the end of the day, you are the one who has to have the rule) 父母不是无助的旁观者。 (权力结构很重要,归根结底,您是必须掌握规则的人)
  • Advance notification or brainstorm a contract together 提前通知或一起集思广益签订合约
  • Ask for it out of contract time, you lose it. 在约定时间之外要求它,你会失去它。
  • Co-watch whenever possible, choose media wisely. 尽可能共同观看,明智地选择媒体。
  • Keep bedtime, meal time, and family time screen free. 保持就寝时间、用餐时间和家庭时间不使用屏幕。
  • Emphasize sleep healthy nutrition and exercise. 强调睡眠健康营养和锻炼。
  • Limit your own screen use. 限制您自己的屏幕使用。
  • Access screen time, keep a record, a joint effort. 使用屏幕时间,做好记录,共同努力。
  • Start from small things (eating meal, bedtime, quality time, driving, etc.) 从小事做起(吃饭、就寝时间、美好时光、开车等)
  • Technology supplement activities, not be the only entertainment. Brainstorm alternative ways to socialize. 科技补充活动,屏幕不是唯一的娱乐。集思广益寻找其他社交方式。
  • Interventions: Family Therapy (Family-based Intervention); Open communication and healthy interaction; Consistent family rituals (every Friday, have a movie night); 干预措施:家庭治疗(以家庭为基础的干预措施);开放沟通,良性互动;一致的家庭仪式(每个星期五,有一个电影之夜)。

Online Family Media Plan

Have a great weekend!

Best regards,

Ms Jae OH

Director of Student Services

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