Aesthetics News

T3W8 – 12 May 2023

Dear SSIS Community,  

We are so happy to have brought you the first ever SSIS Festival of the Arts: Ripple. Over the past weeks we have featured Preschool Show: WHO, Primary Musical: The Day I Met the Prince, Senior Film Premiere: Matilda and the amazing Arts Evening. Through all of these fantastic events we have welcomed the wider SSIS community to join in the fun and creativity.

Each of the drama performances featured fantastic skill from our young thespians. The Preschool Show: WHO showed us all just how creative and engaging the youngest members of our community can be. The Day I Met the Prince brough a smile to each of our faces.  And the senior film premiere of Matilda showed the absolutely incredible stage and technical skills of the senior school.

We also would like to recognise the achievements of the Arts Evening. This event brought hundreds and hundreds of guests to campus to enjoy art and music created by our students. This event featured small exhibitions arranged throughout the school showing off the talents and creativity of each of our students across the whole school.


Edward Swider 

Director of Aesthetics