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T3W6 – 28 April 2023

Dear Parents,

Preparing for the EOY Exams (G4 to 6)

The EOY exams for Grades 4 to 6 are upcoming; here are some tips to help students prepare well:

1. Set realistic goals – aiming for improvement is more practical than striving for perfection;

2. Follow a schedule – Start studying early to avoid cramming everything in a short time. Program 30-minute study blocks for sustained revision of one topic at a time and rotate the topics to ensure the required revisions are included in a weekly schedule;

3. Eliminate distractions – Set up a quiet corner with little or no distractions at home.  Ideally, designate a block of time where the rest of the family would also engage in quiet activities;

4. Take small breaks – Leave the study corner to get a drink, use the washroom, take a shower, etc.  Take a 10-minute break after every 30 minutes of study to refresh the mind;

5.  Sleep early – On the evening before the exam, pack all necessary items for the following day, and sleep early to ensure a good rest;

6. Eat Well – Have a healthy and nutritious breakfast and keep a good time to avoid rushing on exam day.

Please remember to give your child praises and words of encouragement; these are very critical to alleviate their stress level and keep them motivated.

2023 Science Fair Winners

We are excited to announce the winners of the 2023 Primary Science Fair!  This year, we had outstanding projects from our talented students across all grades.

We are proud to congratulate the following winners for their projects:

Grade 1: LIN, Jayden

Grade 2: CROSSLEY, Tristan Jacob Tin-Hei

Grade 3: LEE, Vera; JOO, Yina; LIANG Kevin

Grade 4: KIM, Yunsu

Grade 5: LIM Jeongyoon; GUO, Tianyi; CHUNG, Chi Heng; CHIN, Zhun Hee; WANG, Iris Jing

Grade 6: SUSANTO, Stella Marcheline

These young scientists demonstrated exceptional creativity, innovation, and scientific thinking. We are thrilled to see the bright future of science in the hands of such curious and passionate students.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all participants, Science teachers, and judges for making this year’s Science Fair a great success. Your support and hard work have truly made a difference in our students’ learning and growth.

Congratulations once again to our winners, and we look forward to seeing more incredible science projects in the future!

International Friendship Day Sharing

“Inevitably, IFD is one of our most beloved SSIS celebrations. This year, we have included the mystery teacher activity. Students had the chance to guess who the teachers were and where their country of origin was based on visual cues and clues. Not only did the students learn a lot about their teachers and different countries, I also learned new things about my colleagues. The food and the games have always been the highlights of the event. This year, there were also performances. I look forward to the next IFD! “

Catherine Nie, Grade 4 Angsana Form Teacher, ELA Coordinator

“I really enjoyed participating in the Philippines traditional dance assembly presentation with my colleagues. Through the rehearsals, I learned the culture and traditions of the Filipino culture. The shared experience of coming together with my colleagues from different nationalities builds unity and friendship across cultures. This is the spirit of International Friendship Day in SSIS.”

Lilli Lim, Grade 3 Bamboo Form Teacher

“My IFD experience was a memorable and enjoyable one. I had the opportunity to make new friends while enjoying delicious food.”

Maria Rudillas,  Grade 1 Maple Form Teacher

“International Friendship Day was a great experience for me! I had the opportunity to meet and connect with many people from different backgrounds and cultures. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, and I really felt like I was part of something special. I got to learn about different cultures, food and the importance of international friendship and understanding. All in all, it was a wonderful day and I’m so glad I had the chance to experience it!’

Christina Kwak, Grade 6 Maple Form Teacher

“International Friendship Day was a festival of cooler and tastes, enjoyed by students and adults alike.  So many nations within SSIS were represented, and all brought new and interesting aspects of their culture to share: costumes, music and song, games and, possibly the highlight, the smorgasbord of delicious cuisine.”

Mark Scott, Grade 5 Angsana Form Teacher

“I feel IFD is interesting and fun as there is food and games, we could try food from all over the world.”

Wen, Xinya (Janice), Grade 3 Bamboo

“For IFD, my favourite shop was the Indian shop because I tasted a lot of new food and they’re very delicious. Also, I learnt that it is important for us to learn about different cultures so we can eat more tasty food and we can play games. If I meet an Indian friend, then I will already know something about their culture too.”

Shum, Lok Ham (Lauren), Grade 5 Angsana

“I felt delighted to attend this year’s IFD. The food stores were amazing, with a variety of delicious foods from around the world. I got to explore and learn about countries I had never heard of before. My favourite desert is the ‘biko’ from the Philippines. I had it for the first time and absolutely loved it. I hope that next year’s IFD could include an even wider variety of country stores for me to explore more.”

Krishna, Rohan, Grade 4 Angsana

Camps and Excursions Sharing


 LIN Jayden, G1 Bamboo


YEUNG Tiffany Sum Yui, G3 Bamboo


YU An Qi, G3 Maple

“这次的营地活动都很新鲜有趣,尤其是raft building需要自己动手和队员们一起合作完成,最终成功乘坐了自己做的竹筏,非常有成就感。”

 Mia Xie PITKANEN, G5 Oak

Best regards,

Ms Ramida Din (Primary School Principal)

Mr Tony Rampton (Primary School Assistant Principal)

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