Parents are spoilt for choices when looking for summer activities for their children. Many parents might prefer “residential camps” over “day camps”. Like any coins they each offers benefits to the family, but what’s the benefit of a day camp?

Day Camps programmes are a POWERFUL ALTERNATIVE to traditional residential camps!

Let’s look at what are the BENEFITS OF DAY CAMP at a glance below!

  • Programmes are often focused on “specific-subject/interest/skill sets” – providing a boost in related learning experiences as compared to generalized residential camp experience.
  • Provide a camp experience that minimises possible separation anxiety and stress(especially for younger or first-time campers)
  • Create the foundation needed in preparation for the first residential camp and also successful longer-term experiences away from home.
  • Improve on social/emotional skills such as independence, autonomy, teamwork, creativity, self-confidence and taking new challenges in a positive and engaging manner.
  • Create learning experience through different perspective without the “pressures” of school; children will be refreshed and ready when the new academic year resumes.
  • GREATER PARTNERSHIP between camp and parents
  • Creates a cycle of positive reinforcement from both child’s camp facilitators and staff with camper’s parents; further strengthening the skills learnt at camp.
  • Parents can continue to encourage, support to the campers during the at-home hours to maximise their potential towards a successful camp experience.
  • Campers get to recount their camp experience with their parents daily, providing parents an opportunity to celebrate their achievement and also to learn more about their personality and resiliency.

The search for “THE” – SUMMER CAMP is now on with the weather warming up!

Summer is a unique season – it is a time of opportunity for all children to relax a little (but still strike a balance) and take on learning of a different form.

SSIS is pleased to be the choice venue for these Summer Camp Programmes organised by TRIOLS Academy and their prestigious partners, WorldStrides, and Spotlight Theatre School of Excellence. We proudly present the following Summer Camp Programmes for students age 5-15 years.


1-5 July 2021 (Thursday to Monday, including weekend) / 1-11 July 2021 (Thursday to Sunday, no class on 6 July )


9:00 to 16:00


Shanghai Singapore International School, 301 Zhu Jian Road, Min Hang District, Shanghai, China 201106

All SSIS students will receive a rebate of RMB 300/pax off the listed usual price!


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