Parents’ Voice | Nurturing Purpose-driven Leadership

SSIS has always been a home that nurtures and nourishes students to reach their potential, though parents also play a crucial role in the child’s learning journey. We interviewed several student leaders’ parents to understand how their child has progressed over the years and learn what factors helped with their development.

Grade 11 student 
Joined SSIS since 2019

In just two years, Saanvi has made impactful contributions to the SSIS community. She conceptualised and co-led the One Act Festival, an event where students showed their passion for the performing arts by presenting short skits of their own.

She also created IGCSE tutoring, a student-led programme to support IGCSE students with real-time academic help. She is currently the Public Relations Officer for the Sabres Crew, a diligent Student Councillor, and a D1 SISAC basketball team member.

The following content is from Sanvi’s parents: Miss Somiya Katyayan and Mr. Ravi Katyayan.

Saanvi was a learner, reader, and sportsperson through her childhood. Since joining SSIS in 2019, her engagements started expanding further from academics to sports, drama, Sabres Crew, Student Council, Curie Club and numerous projects. 

Her leadership abilities, passion, and commitment are apparent in her ability to co-create and collaborate. She has an eye on the needs and understanding of her peers’ strengths and a healthy respect for all.

As an IGCSE student, she would occasionally get stuck with certain concepts and would explore solutions. This led her to create the IGCSE tutoring programme to help other students. I believe that many IGCSE students are leveraging this tutoring programme’s power, and this can only grow further! To me, these projects signify her purpose-driven leadership approach— with a focus beyond oneself!

SSIS enabled Saanvi to discover herself in a short period, influenced by the enabling school ecosystem that includes inspiring teachers, Principal, management, engaging students and the outstanding infrastructure. The actor in her was emboldened through the ‘Café Murder’ production. She harnessed her sporting skills through sport and SISAC and learnt organisation skills through Sabres Crew, Student Council. All these, complemented with constructive feedback from her teachers, have  raised her level of excellence and helped to showcase her personality and execution strengths!

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