Primary School News

T2W6 – 13 Jan 2023

Dear Parents,

What a blessing for our teachers and students to resume face-to-face learning. As we approach the end of Year of the Tiger, we are hopeful that the uncertainties caused by Covid are behind us.  After the Chinese New Year holidays, we can look forward to welcoming parents on campus and joining us in the many school events that celebrate the bond of our community and our student’s learning.

On behalf of the primary school division, I wish all our SSIS families a prosperous Year of the Rabbit.  May your new year be filled with good health and happiness.

Student Council President and Vice President

We are excited to share the Student Council President, Anna TAKEDA (G6O) and Vice President, Kvitoslava DATSIUK (G6M). We look forward to seeing what initiatives they can bring to the primary division. The student council have been planning different activities which will be implemented soon. The other positions in the Student Council are Secretaries, Chauncey LU (G5M), Jiayue CHIN (G5O) and Public Relations Officers, Yee Hsin NG (G6B), Jui-Jung CHAN (G4A).

House Captains and Vice Captains

We would like to introduce the inaugural House Captains. These students proved during the interview process that they are passionate about their Houses and are enthusiastic about planning and implementing House events. Our House Captains (C) and Vice Captains (VC) for 2022/23 are:

Chinese New Year Celebration Updates

The annual CNY celebration will be held in the gymnasium on Wednesday, January 18th. There will be a Dragon Dance, students’ cross-talking, face-changing, and other exciting performances. Students will wear their traditional CNY costumes and celebrate the new year with joy.

We have decorated a wall for new year’s wishes in the school’s lobby. Students are encouraged to write their new year wishes on a card and stick them on the wall.

Poetry Festival

We are pleased to announce that our Poetry Festival this year will be held from February 6th to February 10th. This week will have activities to encourage students to read, write, listen to, and appreciate poetry. There will be displays of poems written by students across primary school for the students to read. During library class and at recess, students will be engaged in poetry activities such as Black Out Poetry and Push-pin Poetry. During form time, students will be listening to various teachers present their favourite poems.

On Friday, February 10th, students are encouraged to come to school dressed in their home clothes with a poem in their pocket. They will be sharing their poems with their peers throughout the day. As part of the festival, we have organized a Primary School Poetry Writing Competition. Information regarding the competition has been shared on ManageBac. The highlight of our Poetry Festival is having the famous author Clive Pig conduct a live poetry session with our primary school students.

We look forward to a week of exciting and engaging learning opportunities.

Preparation for Science Fair

Primary science teachers are honoured to showcase investigative student work by having a Science Fair in Term 3. There will be an opening event where students perform some experiments on stage. Students will be challenged by questions on interesting science facts. The rest of the week will be the display of the Science Fair projects at various venues of the school. Students are expected to present their projects to teachers and parents. They will be voting for the best Science Fair project ,and the winners will get certificates and prizes.

Update: Primary School Science Fair (G1-6) is postponed after the spring break holiday. The week and the exact dates will be announced to SSIS community when they are confirmed.

Best regards,

Ms Ramida Din (Primary School Principal)

Mr Tony Rampton (Primary School Assistant Principal)