Primary School News

T1W11 – 11 Nov 2022

Presenting the Student Councillors of AY2223

The selection of the Student Councillors was not an easy task as we had very strong candidates.  Nevertheless, it was a rewarding process both for the selection team and the candidates. 

Students first indicated their interest in serving on the Council.  They presented a speech to their class to gain support from their classmates through a vote by secret ballot. The shortlisted candidates were then interviewed by the Selection Team.  At the interview, they were asked to share how they plan to serve the student body and bring about school improvement.  The competition at this stage was keen.  After much deliberation, the Selection Team decided that the Council would benefit from having two representatives from some classes.  Students who were not chosen as Student Councillors may participate in other leadership opportunities which will be announced soon.

We are proud to announce the following 13 students selected as our Student Councillors of AY2223:

G4A CHAN, Jui-Jung (Tongtong)
G4B CHABBI, Pranavi Mayur
G5ACHEUNG, Ho Hei Nathan
G5ASHUM, Lok Ham (Lauren)
G5BPILLAY, Alexander-Cruz
G5MLU, Chauncey
G5OCHIN, Jiayue (Jacqueline)
G6AVADGAMA, Durva Miteshkumar
G6BNG, Yee Hsin

Congratulations to this new team of Student Councillors!  They will attend a camp on November 24 to 25 to learn team-building strategies and leadership skills.  Also, their parents will be invited to attend the Student Council Investiture Assembly.

Leadership Opportunities for Upper Primary Students

At SSIS we believe that providing students with a variety of leadership opportunities helps them further grow and develop holistically. We are proud to announce that starting in Term 2 we will have House Captains in the primary division. Each House will have a Captain (grade 6) and Vice-captain (grade 5). These students will be responsible for planning, leading, and implementing a variety of House competitions and activities. They will represent and also inspire the other students in their House.

We are also in the process of relaunching the Junior Sabres Crew. This group of students will be an extension of the Sabres Crew in the senior school. The students in this group will have the opportunity to collaborate with the House Captains to promote a positive team-building environment and enhance student agency at SSIS. Throughout the year they will also have the opportunity to work alongside the senior school Sabres Crew.

Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week will take place next week in the UK (14-18 November) and aims to raise awareness of bullying of children and young people, in schools and elsewhere, and to highlight ways of preventing and responding to it. The primary division will also be engaged in promoting Anti-Bullying. On Monday, students are encouraged to wear odd socks which will kick off Anti-Bullying Week. This is a fun activity that allows students to express what makes them unique and promotes preventing bullying. Throughout the week students will learn about bullying and strategies they can use against bullying during Homeroom time. This year’s Anti-Bullying theme is ‘Reach Out’.

Fall Excursion Highlights

The primary school had a fruitful day of learning and fun at the excursion to Oriental Land Park.  Here are some highlights.



G4A CHAN Jui-Jung


G6A ZHAO Tian Le


G1A  Ms Begum GURKAN

“We explored our senses in the park and talked about what we saw, heard, smelled and touched.  We had lunch together and talked about the taste. It was great fun.”

G3B Katherine YAN and Ivy ZHANG

We read about famous people from different dynasties in China. We learned about emperors in Qing Dynasty as well as poets and artists from Ancient China.


“Students learnt new phrases and practised communication skills while playing games organized by the teachers. Additionally, they learned facts about famous people from China and abroad from the many statues at the entrance of the park. Some famous people were familiar, others were new.