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T2W9 – 10 Feb 2023

Let’s Go Sabres! 

Our SISAC Basketball teams had a 3-on-3 tournament together to celebrate the end of their season. Many of them competed in the SISAC Tournament on January 15th hosted at SAS Pudong and SAS Px respectively. Our teams fought hard and demonstrated great resilience to put up some points against strong teams. From our girls’ team we have selected 9 players and from the boys we will have 12 players going on to represent SSIS at the ACAMIS Red Division hosted at SSIS Suzhou.

With CISSA Volleyball underway, we are quickly reminded of where the origin of our Stronger Together motto came from. The photos attached have captured the environment that comes so naturally to our volleyball crew. The Junior team joined seamlessly with the Senior team, our committed SISAC Coaches are there to lead, and the best part always is the student Coaches. Many of our SISAC/ACAMIS players are enthusiastic about leading the next generation of volleyball superstars. Wish the CISSA players good luck as they start their season games next week.

Our grade 5 students are getting their groove on in Physical education. The students are learning a blended dance style – combining different elements and styles to enhance the classroom experience. The classes have meditation, basic ballet moves, and creative movement with western modern dance. Do keep an eye on the calendar for Sports Day coming at the end of March. We might see a feature opening with the dance crews!

Keep that Sabre Spirit up!

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