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T1W4 – 23 Sept 2022

This week, we would love to remind the SSIS community about the seven developmental areas in all children. Language, visual-spatial, social, memory, motor/sensory, attention, and emotional areas are all deep and complex. (Dr. Charles Mike Rios, MD., Developmental Pediatrics) These areas work as one big Venn Diagram, where each circle represents a different ability to influence other circles and overlap. 

These developmental areas will help you assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses. It doesn’t mean your child has weaker ability in one area; they will be weaker in the rest of the abilities. Just as the image above shows, everyone’s growth looks different. Your child may be slower at speaking the language than other kids in the class, your child may not yet know how to approach others, and your child may struggle to focus and follow directions in class. We all develop at different rates, and even as adults, we struggle in some areas. We all have stronger abilities and weaker abilities. This week, take a moment to brainstorm these strengths and weaknesses of your child and think about how we can develop on the strengths and support the weaknesses.

For more information on the seven developmental areas, please click the link below to read the article by Dr. Charles Mike Rios, Developmental Pediatrics.

“Success in life for all of us is about developing the ability to strike a balance between our strengths and our weaknesses.”

We look forward to partnering with you!

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