Sports & Activities News

T1W10 – 10 Nov 2023

Dear Sabres Family,

I hope my message finds you well. Here is a quick update on our sports programme.

CISSA Football/Soccer

Our teams had their first game of the season against Dulwich Puxi on October 31st. The boys had a competitive match but unfortunately lost 3-5. On the other hand, the girls had an outstanding game and secured a 12-1 victory. While it’s exciting to win by such a large margin, Coach Lau and I will be focusing on helping the girls avoid running up the score against other schools in future games as a means to display positive sportsmanship.

End of SISAC Volleyball

We have had a very busy few days as we wrap up the volleyball season. Our teams participated in the Cross River Tournaments on October 28th, with our D1 Boys & Girls and D2 Boys qualifying for the Cup tournaments, and our D2 Girls playing in the home plate tournament. While we didn’t secure a placement in any of the tournaments, our teams competed with determination and effectively represented our school.

Great D2 Girls Plate Tournament

SSIS successfully hosted the D2 Girls plate tournament on October 28th. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from all 9 participating teams and 8 schools. The ability of SSIS to host such events is a testament to the hard work of our support staff, who play a crucial role in ensuring the success of these tournaments.

A Great ACAMIS Tournament

Before I discuss our performance, I would like to express my pride in how well we organised the logistics for this event. We meticulously planned and executed a safe and well-organized experience for all 22 athletes. I am particularly grateful for the dedication of our support staff and coaches, who worked tirelessly to ensure a positive and secure experience for everyone involved.

As for the tournament, our girls fought hard and earned a fourth-place finish, narrowly missing out on third place. Our boys secured a fifth-place finish and were awarded the ACAMIS Spirit Award for their sportsmanship. Overall, each and every one of our volleyball players gave their absolute best to represent SSIS. They exhibited exemplary behavior from the beginning to the end of the tournament.

A huge congratulations and well done to all the players!

BIG Thank you to our volleyball Coaches

A big thank you and congratulations to Coach Avie, Coach Randy, Coach Wu Song, Coach Zhanghao, Coach Emre, and Coach Matt for an incredibly busy and successful volleyball season. Your dedication and countless hours of hard work are greatly appreciated by all of us.

~ Go Sabres!


Joseph ATTYA

Director of Sports and Activities