Message from Head of School

T2W13 – 10 March 2023

Dear Parents, 

Last Friday I had the opportunity to visit the University of Nottingham, Ningbo China. Opened in 2004 the campus itself is beautiful and covers around 144 acres. It was also the first foreign campus to be opened in China by an international university and is now very well established. The University of Nottingham is world-respected with campuses in three countries, China, the UK and Malaysia.

During our visit, we explored learning pathways for SSIS students, the safe campus life, and the highly educated teaching faculty. We also discussed ways to support professional learning and the growth of our teaching staff here at SSIS. This is something that really excites me!

It was an excellent gathering and I am excited about the degree programmes offered and the opportunity to develop bespoke programs for staff and students of the SSIS community.

This is just another example of the way SSIS is reaching out to the wider community to help support our students and staff in their lifelong learning journey. I have invited the team from Nottingham University to visit us and share their programmes with our parent community. I look forward to confirming some dates soon.

 I would also like to recognize International Women’s Day (8 March). As a father, husband, teacher, and Head of School, I believe this day is vital. The flowers, morning teas and gifts we share on this day are nice, but the conversations and change are more important. IWD is about gender equality and aspiring to help create a place free of bias, discrimination, pay gaps and stereotypes (the list goes on).

 I truly hope that our students see and live in a world that is diverse, equitable and inclusive. This change must be supported by all of us.

 Finally, I would like to thank all the powerful women in my life. You have made me a stronger and better person.

Yours sincerely,

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2024-04-24 07:31:13
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