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T2W11 – 24 Feb 2023

Dear Parents,

The Poetry Writing Competition 

The Poetry Writing Competition was one of the highlights of the Poetry Festival.  As one of the adjudicators, I was excited to witness our students’ progression of literary and language skills from writing acrostic poems in Grade 1 to Haiku in Grade 3, from learning about rhymes to studying metaphors and similes.  This year, I also noticed students’ growth in creativity both in Chinese and English poetry writing.   

The teachers shortlisted five English and five Chinese poems submitted for the competition in each grade.  The adjudicators then scored the poem with a rubric scoring guide, including language skills, literary skills and creativity.  The top three winners of each grade level were chosen. We are proud to announce this year’s Poetry Festival winners.  The first-place winners also recited their work at the assembly to inspire the other students. 


1st : Jimin LIM – My Lovely Piano  

2nd : Lukas JANS – Minecraft 

3rd: Yue Rong YAN – My Colour Poem 



1st : Rui Xuan LIU -Reindeers 

2nd : Shreshta KARREDLA – Snow Flakes 

3rd: Je Zyn LIM – The Butterfly  


1st : Hael KIM – Learning Together in Third Grade 

2nd : Yuxi YIP – Beach 

3rd: Doyoon Uriel KO – My Fish 


1st : Jui-Jung CHAN – Hello,Mr.Frog 

2nd: Dongze Markus HE – Nuclear- bomb/Nature 

3rd: Yu Xuan (Nolan) – MIAO Desert and Sea 


1st : Caiden LI – The Brilliance of Justice Bao 

2nd : Alexander Cruz-Pillay – My Best Friend 

3rd: Aimee SHI -January Stars 



1st : Michael Haoran LI – Results  

2nd : Hassya KARREDLA – The Maiden 

3rd: Manuela FORRERO PALACIO –Love 


Chinese Poetry Writing Competition Winners 


 1st : LIN, Jayden – 《新年好》 

 2nd : XU, Queenie – 《我的小鸟》 

 3rd : HSHIEH, Shenyou – 《雀儿喳喳》 



1st : WANG, Buyi – 《我想做一只海豚》 

2nd : CASTRUITA, Anson Duan – 《小诗》 

3rd : WEI, Charles Jia – 《下雨了》 



1st CAO, Alice – 《夏天的风》 

2nd : LEE, Vera – 《我的妹妹》 

3rd YEUNG, Tiffany Sum Yui – 《奇妙的天空》 



1st HU,Chih Yu – 《风》 

2nd : LI,Suri Y – 《彩虹与云》 

3rd : WANG, Katherine – 《奇妙的云朵》 



 1st NI, Zinuo Joshua – 《父亲》 

 2nd : QIU, Tsz Lam Helen – 《快乐》 

 3rd CHIN, Jiayue – 《毛毛虫变身》 



 1st WONG,Sze Nga – 《盼》 

 2nd REN, Xinlin – 《雪》 

 3rd HUANG, Chun Marcus – 《日月星辰》 

SLC Structure 

The 18th March will be a regular school day. However, parents will have the opportunity to sign up for a SLC time slot during the morning. Students will be assigned to a group based on what time slot their parents signed up for. During the chosen time slot the student will share their portfolio with their parents. Students not sharing their portfolios will be involved in a learning activity with their group. The groups will then rotate so the other groups can share their portfolios with their parents. These rotations will take place during the morning. After lunch the regular timetable will resume, and students will be engaged in regular schoolwork. 

Students Voice 

Our school has been invited to participate in Student Voices again this year. Student Voices provides a stage for students of all ages from different schools to speak and show themselves. Children can have the opportunity to speak freely around different topics, communicate deeply with their peers, share their thoughts, and improve their expression abilities. 

The theme of 2023 Student Voices is “Dream Big”, which encourages children to speak for their dreams.  To enter the competition, students have to submit a speech video and provide some personal details to Ms. Nie before March 20, 2023. For more information and submission, please contact Ms. Nie via 

We sincerely invite our primary students to participate in the video submission and speak out their dreams bravely. 

STEAM – Term 2 Learning 

Our STEAM projects are a great way to help students apply their science skills. Through hands-on projects, students can develop critical thinking skills, learn to problem solve, and increase their understanding of how different scientific concepts and principles relate to each other. Additionally, our STEAM projects provide students with an engaging way to apply knowledge and foster their creativity. 

‘What would your life be like without electricity?’ This was the driving question our students in Grade 2 and Grade 5 reflected on as they engaged and extended their learning in our Term 2 science-led STEAM projects.  

To understand the phenomena of electricity, students participated in science and engineering procedures such as making observations, posing questions and building models. The students investigated the different ways electricity can be generated and utilized, including circuits, and batteries. They also learned about safety and the need for proper electrical grounding to prevent injury or damage. 

Students in Grade 5 examined the different ways of transforming electricity, including electrical circuits and power grids. They looked at how electrical parts were connected and tested their understanding by building a model house with a lighting setup. They experimented with various ways to alter materials during their exploration as well as build their collaboration skills while working in groups. 

Students in Grade 2 created a simple circuit and learned the distinction between static and current electricity. The students participated in an open-ended learning task studying electricity and art by creating a pipe cleaner circuit. Through the creation of an illuminated art piece, students gained more knowledge of electrical circuits and applied their creativity.  

Best regards,

Ms Ramida Din (Primary School Principal)

Mr Tony Rampton (Primary School Assistant Principal)

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