Preschool (Early Years) News

T3W4 – 14 April 2023

Dear Parents,

It has been a wonderfully busy few weeks of early Spring for our Preschoolers!

March 27th: Sports Day  

The youngest Sabres started the SSIS Sports Week with a big bang! Students enjoyed multiple game stations including bike races, messy backyard and an obstacle course! Having parents there to cheer and accompany us added to the fun. Stronger together!

March 31st: Read and Run Excursion

Exploring a new place, reading good stories and playing? Sounds like the perfect morning! That is what four classes Preschool classes did on their Read and Run excursion to the neighborhood park. We embrace the entire world as part of our learning space!

April 10th-14th: International Friendship Week Parent Visitors

Growing up in an international city and having classmates from all around the world can cultivate international-mindedness from a very young age! This week as part of the SSIS International Friendship Day, Preschool launched a week-long My Country Presentations from our amazing parents. The students absolutely loved learning the facts, traditions and even making food from each special country!

Nature Play

As the Shanghai weather gets lovelier, we encourage families to embrace the outdoors with your learners. Our curriculum and approach Preschool (Early Years) strongly emphasises nature play and nature-based learning. Including natural elements or actually stepping into the natural environment are authentic ways for children to discover the world around them. Research shows that spending time outdoors fosters children’s physical and mental health, promotes authentic exploration and supports their self-confidence and respect for the world around them.

Taking a neighborhood walk, exploring blossoms at a garden, observing the moving clouds and going on an insect hunt are seemingly simple actions that lead to big questions and massive learning. Have fun!

Kind Regards,

Sonia Barghani, Ed.D. 

Preschool (Early Years) Principal

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