This year, SSIS will be celebrating its 25th school anniversary. Over the past quarter of a century, SSIS has delivered on its vision of nurturing lifelong learners with unwavering commitment. The school’s founding purpose, “to cultivate and educate our next generation with love.” as laid out by our founder Mr TAN Hong Khoon has since been exceeded. From 18 students to its 1,200-strong student body today, SSIS has built a close-knit community of alumni, students, faculty, and staff and continues to strive hard in our pursuit of excellence.

The New Chapter

… In 25 years

What will education look like?

What challenges will our children face?

How can we best prepare them?

As we celebrate this significant milestone, we flip a page in our history books and write a new chapter: the future of SSIS education. Our aim is that the enhancements to our programmes, approaches to teaching, and community resources and partnerships will prepare our students to be future-ready for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Together with our Strategic Thrusts 2020-2025, these goals will propel us into the next twenty-five years with clarity and conviction.

Year-long Celebrations

To celebrate SSIS’s 25th anniversary in September this year, a year-long series of special commemorative events will allow the SSIS community to get together and joyfully share our collective achievements.

Monthly Speaker Series

Summer Sundown Arts Festival (June)

Orientation Get-Together (August)

School Anniversary Day (September)

Autumn Bonanza (November)

Charity Events, student-led events, and many more!

Exciting New Looks

Over the next few months, expect new visuals in our communications materials and contemporary designs to the school façade. Get ready to welcome the modern and vibrant SSIS to reflect our on-going commitment to providing high-quality education here in Shanghai.

Let’s embark on this new chapter as we embrace an even more enriching 25 years!

Visit our 25th anniversary webpage!

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