Kicking off our 25th Anniversary Celebrations!

The watering ceremony signifies growth, love and nurturing of a new generation of children.

On Friday, June 25, we held a 25th Anniversary Launch Ceremony, marking an important milestone for SSIS since our founding in 1996. Over the past 25 years, as a K-12 international school, we have grown, developed and adapted and we’re dedicated to continuously serve the Singaporean and wider Shanghai expatriate community with a quality education offering that aims to meet the challenges of the future.

SSIS not only equips students with the skills and knowledge to do well in exams, but also help them grow and succeed in life. Built on the rigorous Singapore-based curriculum, SSIS education also nurtures strong moral values, a passion for life, and a love for learning.

It is truly heartwarming to see the entire school community come together to celebrate this important and meaningful milestone. I am confident that SSIS will continue to strive for excellence and soar to a greater height. I wish everyone in SSIS a very happy 25th anniversary.

Mr Chua Teng Hoe
Consul-General of the Republic of Singapore

The New Chapter

The anniversary themed ‘The New Chapter’ celebrates our new vision as we look forward into the next 25 years of education. During the ceremony, four students presented a thought-provoking speech on the future of education. They came up with questions such as ‘How will education be like in the future?’, ‘How best can we prepare ourselves for the future?’, ‘What is the meaning of excellence now?’ and ‘How can SSIS education best prepare our students for a world that is unknown?’.

As the mayor in charge of Huacao Education, I am delighted to see the growth and transformation of SSIS in HuaCao Town over the past 25 years. On behalf of the HuaCao government, I sincerely express my gratitude and congratulations to SSIS for all the hard work and achievements. I am as proud as everyone here today.

With the development of the Hongqiao region, and as part of a new beginning, I sincerely hope that SSIS, being a long-standing international school with uniquely Asian characteristics and a global perspective, will lead other international schools to strengthen its interaction with local schools, and deepen the collaboration of curriculum and teaching among local schools in the region.

Mdm Chen Jian
Vice-Mayor of HuaCao Town

Inspirations & Hopes

Talented students also put up lively performances for the celebration, bringing energy to the audience and the school community!

The ceremony ended on a high note with the anniversary song ‘The Future is in our Hands’ and the school song performed by the school’s orchestra and choir, a collaborative work by more than 120 students. The making of the anniversary song was also a collaboration by SSIS’s music teacher and students, truly showcasing the multifaceted talents of its students and faculty.

A steadfast commitment to its timeless mission, SSIS will continue nurturing lifelong learners with a strength of character and love for humanity for generations to come. Our supportive and student-centered environment fosters the growth of every child. One of the main aims of the anniversary as mentioned by the student emcees was to allow as much student-centered activities and initiatives as possible, allowing them to be active learners and participants. As the name of the anniversary song goes, the future is indeed in the hands of our next generation.

Search the hashtag #SSIS25 on social media or visit our 25th Anniversary Webpage to view the latest stories.

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