Message from Campus Principal (Operations)

T3W12 – 9 June 2023

Dear SSIS Parents, 

As the final edition of the newsletters for AY2223, we are so glad that you have been with us every step of this journey. Congratulations on a great ending to the year! Despite how it was shrouded with uncertainty in the beginning, we emerged strong and came together as a community.  

We still have 4 school days filled with recognition of achievement, celebrations and farewells. I am sure your child will not want to miss any of them.  

Please remind your child to bring home their books and personal belongings over the next few days. The school will undergo its usual Summer Maintenance thus, it is highly recommended to not leave anything in school over the summer. 

Don’t miss our annual traditional of our good-bye wave at 3:40 pm outside of Gate 1, along Zhujian Road this Thursday! It will be a sight to remember as we send off all our students for their summer break. 

For the families who are leaving us, we send our best wishes to you in your next home and city! You will be missed and SSIS will always welcome you back for a visit with open arms. 

For the families returning for the next school year, please expect to start receiving school emails from mid-August so that you can be informed of homeroom information, orientation and ASP offerings etc.  

See you back in school on 26 August (Saturday) for Orientation & Curriculum Day

Yours sincerely,