Congratulations Class of 2021! Embarking on a New Journey

The Chapter has ended

The page is being turned

Here’s to a new beginning

That will bring forth a lot more to be learnt

June 5th, Friday, officially marked the end of the high school journey for our class of 2021, but a new chapter of their life has just begun. 

Thank you

for being part of the family

‘Thank you’ to each and every one of you.

You belong to part of the SSIS family.

We will miss you.

Always, remember home.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Ms Billie Leong, School Principal of SSIS, introduced a special new award – The Orchid Award. It recognises the graduates who have been with SSIS since grade 1 or earlier

The orchid being the national flower of Singapore, is a fitting title to bestow upon those commendable students for their enduring commitment to excellence at SSIS. Among the graduates, an astounding one-third of the students received this award. One of the graduates has been a student at SSIS since she was 3 years old.

Senior School Principal Mr Doruk Gurkan said, “It is my hope that after graduating from the school, all of you continue your friendships and keep the spirit of SSIS alive. The SSIS community will always be proud of your future successes.”

Our Stage

Our Memories

During the ceremony, our talented graduates brought three performances to the stage:

G12 Yu Shu Ji performed a beautiful piano recital of “Lake Baikal”.

G11 students Kim Ye Won, Shin Seung Min, and G12 graduate Lee Jina brought back our memories by performing a violin and piano rendition of “Memories”.

The song “Viva La Vida” was the climax of the ceremony——a collaborative performance by our valedictorian Lee Hyojeong, with graduates Lee Jina, Park Gyung Tae, who were also accompanied by Mr Crossley and Mr Salvador.

The Class of 2021 also burst out with laughter and tears as they watched a video especially made by Mr Alberto Osorio. The above video is extracted from the original video. 

Embrace the future 

with tenacity and grace

Departing Words of Wisdom

What you can expect on this new journey is constant change.

Opening Address by Ms Billie Leong

School Principal

“You will very soon be embarking on a journey to a brand-new season of your lives, an exciting adventure. What you can expect on this new journey is constant change. But we know you will continue to practice what you learnt here at SSIS:”

  • Seize every opportunity to learn and try something new. You will never know when this experience that you have accumulated will be tapped in the future.
  • Never lose sight of who you are – the awesome people that you have become.
  • Never give up when the going gets tough and keep practising your growth mindset.
  • Stay in touch with your friends, teachers, and your alma mater.
  • And continue to STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE!

Hold strong to your values.

Faculty Address by Mr Nilan Senaratna

IBDP Biology teacher, volleyball coach

“My hope is that you hold strong to your values, and when something seems unapproachable, lean in and try changing your perspective…The ability to change your perspective, to empathize, and to put others ahead of yourself will be assets in whatever path you choose.”

Don’t take anything for granted.

Address by Mr Adam Crossley

IBDP coordinator

“Remember, don’t take anything for granted, choose your goals and go after them. You might not know what the next two, or five or ten years will bring to you. But you know what you can bring to it!”

All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Valedictorian Speech by Amanda Lee Hyojeong

Class of 2021 Graduate

SSIS IBDP Excellence Scholarship Holder

“Graduation marks the end of yet another extraordinary chapter in our lives. Up till now, we have walked the same path. We had each other to rely on and move forward together. But from now on, we will separate into different paths – the unique paths that we will build ourselves. Some of us will go to US, some of us to Canada, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, Korea, and many other countries. Nevertheless, as we all continue on our own paths, always remember the achievements, the success that we have made together as a team. We have shown ourselves how capable we all are of accomplishing our goals. We are equipped with the necessary tools to move on to the next chapter of our lives.”

Congratulations, Class of 2021.

As you cherish the fruits of your hard work,

we wish that success keeps following you in everything that you do.

Today and always…

Congratulations and Happy Graduation!