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T1W11 – 11 Nov 2022

Let’s Go Sabres! 

Our ACAMIS Volleyball teams had 2 exciting days of competition this past weekend and we are very proud of their performance both on and off the court.

We are so fortunate to have grade 12’s showing outstanding leadership. Notice the representation across grade levels from 9-12. Both captains, Julian Sun and Man Tsz Yan were fantastic throughout. Huge thanks to Coaches, Nilan Senaratna, Roger Tu, Randy Limon and Jae Oh for endless hours of dedication to these teams.

Our girls fought so hard. As coaches we always say, “Give it all you’ve got!’’ and they REALLY did. The emotions, levels of tired, huge plays, sacrifice and care from their teammates. Memories that we hope they will have forever. They came up short with a fantastic 2nd place finish. We are pleased to have others recognize the care and passion too, as they were also awarded the spirit of ACAMIS award.

Our Boys had an unlucky Sunday start as we had to take our big moves and personalities to the small court. After a fantastic Saturday, the Sunday morning game just didn’t go our way against the eventual champions. For game 2, we were ready and played our best bronze medal game! We saw that Sabres spirit that we know and love.

Thank you to all of the spectators that joined us on the livestream. It was really amazing to share that support with players throughout the days.