Announcement: SSIS’s Official Magazine FLOW Issue 2 is Out!

We’re happy to announce the publication of issue two of FLOW, SSIS’s official magazine. Created by the Marketing Department, and with contributions and features by students and faculty, FLOW represents the voice and talents of the school.

While the first issue’s theme was an exploration of Lifelong Learning, here we’ve delved deep in the notion of Community and what it means for SSIS students, parents and staff to be a part of one. “At a time like this, it’s vital to focus on it and discuss our role in the community: what we derive from it and, more importantly, what we give back to it,” says David FUHRMANN LIMFLOW Editor/Communications Manager.

Other Highlights in the Issue


An interview with Mr ZHOU, the school’s longest-serving staff.


An inspiring feature of teenage activists from around the world.


Our Chief Librarian on how to improve reading habits.


A teacher/volunteer who travels to help kids in need.

FLOW magazine showcases the creative writing and artistic output of our students, as it is published for the education community, our media partners, parents and students. For the student writers, this was a chance to learn not just feature writing, but also the process of getting a magazine published, and it is a part of their CAS project. We welcome more writers into our FLOW family, so if you are keen to contribute, come speak to us.

Scan the QR code to read/download the magazine:



You may also download digital copies of our quarterly magazine on our school’s website Campus Life > Publications.

For any editorial matters, or if you wish to provide commentary or contribute articles, please contact our editor at

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