Message from Campus Principal (Operations)

T1W2 – 6 Sept 2023

Dear SSIS Parents, 

Welcome to the month of September and the first edition of our newsletter for AY2324. It was great to see so many of our students and parents stay behind during our Anniversary Celebrations last Friday.  

The theme for this month is School Readiness and developing and practising the skills of being communicative. Across all the divisions, you will be receiving regular communication about school and your child. In order to stay connected, please ensure that both parents or at least one parent is on our WeChat Class groups. If you are unsure if your family is represented in the class group, please contact your homeroom teacher or to connect you to your class group. 

General updates for you: 

  1. We informed the local bureau and town about the safety concerns we have regarding the new traffic light and left turn lane right outside Gate 1. The response from the town is that the purpose is to divert the traffic and ease the congestion while the subway is being constructed in the vicinity. We will continue talks with the town as we monitor the situation and provide alternative solutions. 
  1. Mermaid’s Park is open to students after school after the buses depart from the campus. However, it is crucial for students (G6 and below) to be supervised by their parents or care-giver. Unsupervised students will not be allowed to play on their own. Senior school students have to exercise caution when using the park. 
  1. With the changing season and temperatures, it may be chilly in the mornings. Thus, please have your child wear or bring along a SSIS jacket etc.  

Yours sincerely,