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T1W13 – 25 Nov 2022

Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTC)

The Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on Saturday, December 3, from 08:30 – 15:30. This event is only for parents and teachers. Students do not need to attend the PTC.

The SchoolsBuddy platform will be open for parents to book their timeslots from 12:00 on November 23 until 16:00 on November 29. Late appointments can be made by emailing the teacher directly. Parents who are unavailable on December 3 may also request to meet the teachers online from 15:30–17:00 from Monday, December 5 to Wednesday, December 7.  

The conference timeslots are as follows:

  • G1 to 3 Form Teachers – 20-minute slot
  • G4 to 6 Form Teachers – 10-minute slot
  • Subject and specialist teachers – 10-minute slot

Please visit the link if you need help to book the PTC timeslots:

At this PTC, the focus will be for teachers to inform parents of their children’s progress and to set realistic and achievable goals for the next term. Teachers and parents can also share strategies for working collaboratively to support the children.

We look forward to seeing you on December 3!

Update on House Captains

The students (grades 5&6) who were interested in being House Captains filled in an application form and handed it to their Homeroom teachers. The Homeroom teachers chose 2 students from each House to move on to the interview stage with Ms. Din and Mr. Rampton. Some of these interviews have taken place this week and the rest of them will take place next week. A House Captain rubric is being used to determine the successful House captain and vice-captain for each House. Once all interviews have been completed the House captains and vice-captains will be announced at an assembly.

Grade 3 and Grade 6 STEAM Projects

Our Grade 3 students had a blast working on their hydroponics systems-focused STEAM project this term. They learned that hydroponics is a horticultural growing technique where plants acquire nutrients through water instead of soil and that it can be used as an alternative to traditional growing techniques in situations where space, soil, and water are limited.

By building a model of a hydroponics system, students demonstrated their engineering skills. With the aid of their science processing skills, students observed and explained how hydroponic growing techniques meet a plant’s needs and encourage plant growth. Additionally, they used mathematics skills to tabulate their data using measurements of the growth of their plants.

We are proud of what our young scientists and aspiring engineers have accomplished.

Students evaluating their designs, building their hydroponics systems and observing their plant growth.

The Grade 6 students have worked on an energy conversion project. During this project, they learned the concepts of aerodynamics and friction, and analysed the different design and engineering aspects.

For their STEAM project, they made a toy car that they used in science class to collect data. By making the car prototype, the students have learnt a lot of design and manufacturing skills such as technical drawing, freehand sketching, critical and creative thinking, and so on. They have also learnt the health and safety aspects associated with working with different materials and tools.

They tested their prototype using a ramp which was set at different angles to test how far it goes at different angles. Those who decided to use an elastic band had to pull their car back, release and measure the distance travelled.

They had so much fun learning, designing, and making their car prototype.

Reading Extravaganza Student Sharing

G6 Angsana YAN Xuanya

“I really enjoyed Reading Extravaganza. It was so creatively organized and fun to participate in. On Monday when we dressed up as our favourite book character, I loved this day because we were able to find out who each other’s favourite book character was. I also found a lot of new genres of books and I liked all of them! Finally, on Pajama Day I felt so cozy and it made me feel so comfortable to be part of this event at SSIS. I was also so happy as it made me feel good to be part of this school.”

G5 Bamboo 吕英皓 LU, Yinghao

“周我最喜欢的活动是Book Face,我们需要先找一本封面有人物或者动物头像的书,调整到最佳角度,让自己的头部和封面的头像融为一体,最后请老师帮我们拍下来参赛。有些同学拍摄时选取的角度巧妙,服装和封面的颜色搭配合理,大家看到照片都拍手叫好。图书周里有很多丰富精彩的活动,和老师同学们一起参加活动特别有意思。”

G4 Angsana CHAN Jui-Jang

“I always enjoy the Reading Extravaganza week. My favourite activity is Book in a Jar. It is super fun and exciting to read the torn off papers and figure out which book it actually belongs to!”

G3 Bamboo 温心雅 WEN, Xinya 


G1 Bamboo 林池珉 LIM Jimin 


Grade 5-6 BYOD Updates

Students in Grades 5 and 6 are finding new learning opportunities with the rollout of BYOD. Not only are they able to have direct access to research topics, create, share, collaborate and store files online and make greater use of the Koobits and MyON learning platforms, but with devices classes are being augmented for greater engagement with platforms like Here students can participate in polls, give written feedback, and submit drawings. These can be immediately shared and discussed allowing more students to have a voice in class.

The use of discussion forums in ManageBac are also starting to be used, where students can share, comment on and crowd source learning around a topic, allowing for greater student and shared learning. Greater access to technology also creates more opportunities for continual reflection in their ePortfolio.

Best regards,

Ms Ramida Din (Primary School Principal)

Mr Tony Rampton (Primary School Assistant Principal)

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