Message from Campus Principal (Operations)

T2W11 – 24 Feb 2023

Dear SSIS Community, 

With all of us enjoying greater normalcy in school and society at large, we see life returning to what it was with lots of bustling activities and events. Over the past 2 weeks, the school has hosted and invited many parents, volunteers and vendors on campus to enrich the learning experiences for all our students and strengthen our community spirit. 

A gentle reminder for parents when entering the school: 

  1. Please wear your SSIS Parent ID card visibly. 
  1. If you have an appointment with a teacher of staff member, you will be picked up from the school gate to the respective venue. 
  1. Please stay within the event venue. Please always approach a staff member if you need assistance entering the teaching and learning blocks. We hope to minimise disruption to our students’ learning even as we organise more events for our parents. 
  1. Random photographs of the school, especially those of other students should not be taken and shared on any social media. This will be a violation of the Child Protection Policy we have in school used to safeguard all our students. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Stronger Together

Yours sincerely,