Message from Head of School

T3W8 – 12 May 2023

Dear Parents,

Over the last number of weeks, the school has been fortunate to host and participate in many school events including our very first Arts Evening, The Primary Drama Production, Swimming Tournaments, ACAMIS Soccer, The Starlight Chinese Debating competition, hosting visiting schools and educational leaders from around Shanghai and the screening of Matilda. These golden opportunities have reinforced my belief that our school has a vital role in developing the wider community of Shanghai. I am also very proud of the school as we are receiving many requests from other schools, community partners and the local authorities for us to lead and discuss educational dialogues about the future of education and our local educational footprint. This is a wonderful recognition of the role we play in Shanghai and the collective knowledge we have here at SSIS.

The idea that schools are self-contained institutions, responsible only for academic and student development, is at odds with the realities of our role. Providing opportunities for parents and community members to be actively involved in the life of a school and education helps increase information sharing and it strengthens student retention and confidence. Coming together also supports the attendance rates of children as well as reinforcing the sense of belonging for all members of our educational community. We all should be proud of our great school and the work that we are all doing to support our children. I would also like to thank all members of our community for the continued support of our school. It truly does take the whole school community to achieve our mission of developing future global leaders that are equipped with a love of humanity and an active desire to reach for excellence. 

Thank you once again to all who have attended any of our recent events and I look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Stronger Together

Yours sincerely,