Message from Campus Principal (Operations)

T1W4 – 23 September 2022

From the Campus Safety Team, many pertinent messages have been shared since the start of the school year and will be updated via WeCom. Many school-wide messages, including this newsletter will also be shared on WeCom. Thus, we highly encourage all parents to place the WeCom school announcement as a Sticky on Top so that you can see it visibly when you receive an important notification. We also hope that you can tap on the CONFIRM button at the bottom of the message to let us know that you have received and read the message each time. 

We would also like to highlight 2 pages on the website that we hope will be very useful to all parents. 

1. Parents have found it challenging to locate submission links for all the PCR test screenshot submissions, black codes etc. Thus, we have placed all the links as well entry to campus and travel requirements on the COVID Safety Measures to allow parents access to them whenever you need it.  

2. To reduce the hassle for parents, we introduced a new School Service Request Form where parents can directly submit a request for transcripts, application of school ID cards etc. Our friendly staff will make the necessary arrangements and update you upon completion. We look forward to your feedback as we continuously strive to enhance our systems. 

Thank you very much and enjoy a cooler Shanghai weekend!