Primary School News

T1W10 – 10 Nov 2023

Dear Parents,

Days are counting down to the upcoming SSIS International Family Bazaar (IFB), which promises to be a fun-filled day for our entire community. This Saturday, we invite all parents, students, and staff to come together and celebrate our school, our students and our community.   

The IFB event is not just about delicious food and entertainment; it is also an opportunity for us to come together as a community and celebrate our shared values of inclusivity and diversity. By sharing our traditions, customs, and cuisines, we foster a sense of belonging and understanding among our students, staff, and families. 

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Parent Support Group, our sponsors and vendors, and the SSIS staff for their tireless efforts in organising this event. Their dedication and commitment have made it possible for us to create a memorable experience for our community. 

Most importantly, we want to express our gratitude to our students. Their enthusiasm, creativity, and participation in the IFB event will make it a truly special day. We are proud of their willingness to share their skills and talents with their peers, fostering a sense of unity and respect within our learning community. 

Events like the IFB not only bring us together but also provide valuable learning opportunities for our students. They learn about different cultures, develop empathy and understanding, and gain a broader perspective of the world around them. It is through these shared experiences that we grow together as a community. 

We look forward to seeing you at the SSIS International Family Bazaar 2023 and celebrating the richness of our school community. Let’s come together, share, and celebrate! 

Stronger Together, 

Mr Shirley 

Head of School & Primary Principal


We are thrilled to introduce some exciting curriculum enhancements that will undoubtedly enhance your child’s educational journey in the primary division. One significant transformation is our shift from ICT to Technology, a change that reflects the comprehensive scope of our curriculum. This marks the second year of our Grade 5-6 BYOD programme, allowing students to bring their devices to enrich their learning experiences. Additionally, in the lower grades, we have upgraded our mobile cart to the latest iPad Pro devices, equipping us with more potent tools and features while minimizing any delays.

Moreover, we are actively refining our Grade 1-6 curriculum, which now includes two targeted units each term. These units cover a broad range of competencies, encompassing productivity, multimedia, digital authoring, coding, foundational engineering concepts, robotics, and digital responsibility. These enhancements ensure a well-rounded education for students across all grades. Our instructional approach is hands-on, employing a spiraled, standards-based, project-oriented teaching and learning method. We place a strong emphasis on crowd-sourced knowledge building, effective communication, collaborative teamwork, efficiency, and learning from mistakes. We actively encourage students to approach ideas critically and explore their creativity.

We eagerly anticipate witnessing the continuous growth and development of our students as they engage with these exciting curriculum improvements.


Our Grade 5 and 6 students have been on an exciting journey into the world of 3D modelling, delving into design principles, exploring efficiency strategies, and applying real-world concepts in our classrooms. They’ve turned their imaginations into tangible 3D designs, honing digital skills. The Grade 6 students designed functional Buzz Lightyear-themed swings for LEGO Duplo characters, while Grade 5 students re-imaged classroom equipment. It’s been a hands-on experience filled with creativity and innovation, preparing them for a future where technology and innovation are key.

KAO, Ga King (Kingsley) – Grade 5 Maple

Meet our talented student spotlight, Kingsley! With an incredible knack for 3D modeling, Kingsley has shown dedication, perseverance, and an exceptional ability to analyze and synthesize objects in a 3D space. He took on the challenge of reimagining a movable standing table from our classroom, transforming it into a beautifully proportioned and detailed 3D model. What’s truly impressive is how Kingsley applied his creativity to make the design more functional and classroom friendly. Throughout the unit, he consistently demonstrated remarkable attention to detail, a strong work ethic, and an ability to meet tight deadlines. Kingsley’s critical thinking skills and efficient work approach have truly shone in this unit.

Kingsley’s reimage of a movable standing table


A child must be kept at home under the following conditions because NO test or lesson is important enough to sacrifice the well-being of your child and the welfare of others. Social responsibility is everyone’s responsibility.

  • The parents of a child infected with a contagion or disease are obligated to inform his or her class form teacher immediately. Any SSIS student diagnosed as suffering from an infectious and contagious illness will require a doctor’s clearance to certify full recovery before he or she is allowed to board the bus or to return to school. The certification will need to be submitted to the Health Centre.
  • We do not recommend that parents administer temporary fever relief drugs to a child or send them to school if he or she is running a fever (above 99.1 °F or 37.3 °C) in the morning. A child must be fever free (below 99.1 °F or 37.3 °C) for at least 48 hours, without the use of fever medication, before being allowed back to school.

Parents should advise the school of reasons for all absences from the school including illness. In the event of extended illness where the student will be absent for a number of days or weeks, parents are requested to contact the clinic.

Congratulations to our students!

ClassManageBac NameReason for Receiving the Certificate
G1ATAO, LingyiExceptional perseverance and never-give-up attitude
G1ACHENG, Carlson DongzheBeing a true SUPERHERO friend, always supporting and encouraging his classmates
G1BCHENG, Raphael DongyiAlways using time wisely
G1BSHAO, AlinaFor showing remarkable resilience in English class.
G1MHAMMOUCH, YakoubTaking the initiative to keep our classroom and also, the excursion venue clean! You made SSIS proud.
G1MKIKUCHI, MiraiWorking hard on improving your English literacy skills!
G2ACHIN, Jing Yiu (Chloe)Being responsible for her own learning and steadfast in striving for excellence.
G2AWEI, LucasAlways being ready and motivated to learn throughout the school day.
G2BGAO, Mingchan AudreyFor always giving her best in every task and assignment.
G2BLIM, JiminFor giving her fullest attention and being participative during lessons.
G2MBAE, Seonghyun (Charlotte)For planning projects well, listening and trying her best.
G2MLEE, Isabel Wei TongFor listening well, being on task and being the best, she be.
G3AGOPALAKRISHNAN, NithilanFor being an outstanding learner who is ready to perform all instruments and singing parts independently.
G3AKWAK, LucasFor being an enthusiastic learner who is fearless in facing new challenges and tasks.
G3BWEI, Charles JiaFor having such an awesome attitude to learning every single day!
G3BTOMINAGA, HaruoFor being a Maths Facts Master
G4ACAO, AliceYour wholehearted participation in class activities.
G4A WANG, Prince DanqiuYour exceptional helpfulness and support to both your peers.
G4BKIM, NaeonFor continuously asking meaningful and well-timed questions
G4BSHU, Joshua YuFor making more effort to ask meaningful and well-timed questions
G5ALI, Suri YFor her independence and courage during G5 overnight camp.
G5AFU, Chek Hui JovanFor his positivity, enthusiasm and active participation duing G5 camp.
G5BXU, IreneFor showing dedication to improve her reading.
G5BCHUNG Ren Jie (Jacky)For being a leader in his group
G5MXU, MarcoFor making an effort to improve his organization skills.
G5MLI, XintongFor making an effort to improve her mental calculations.
G6ASHI, CherryFor being a helpful, caring and reliable member in 6 Angsana
G6ATANG, ChitFor always willing to do his best in all areas of learning
G6BAmy XUFor diligence and writing excellence
G6BWU, Elijah Sky YuhongOutstanding leadership and dedication
G6MJOSHI, ViaanFor effortlessly connecting with others and making everyone feel included
G6MJervis, LOH JunFor his kind nature and always treating others with respect and compassion.

Stronger Together, 

Mr David Shirley (Head of School & Primary School Principal)

Mr Tony Rampton (Primary School Assistant Principal)