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T3W2 – 24 March 2023

Dear Parents,

Spring Excursions – Parent Chaperones

Spring is here! It’s time to explore and enjoy the outdoors.  G6 will have a 3-day, 2-night overnight camp from April 19 to 21, G5 a 2-day overnight camp from April 20 to 21, and G1 to G4 will have a day excursion on April 21.  You will receive the consent form through SchoolsBuddy on March 27. 

This year, we will resume the parent chaperone arrangement for G1 to G4 day excursions.  After your consent is received, on April 10, the form teachers will invite two parent volunteers per class to serve as chaperones. If more than two parents volunteer, we will conduct a lottery draw. We look forward to your active participation. Please save the date!

Math Olympiad ASP and SASMO Competition

The Math Olympiad ASP provides an excellent opportunity for our students to pursue their interest in mathematics and develop their love for mathematical explorations. It is designed to allow like-minded students passionate about mathematics to work together in a challenging and stimulating environment to deepen their interest in mathematical problem-solving and apply their logical reasoning, critical thinking and analytical skills.

At the beginning of each academic year, we invite students who have the interest and possess the aptitude from Grade 3 to Grade 6 to join the ASP. We train the students over two terms, with a strong focus on equipping them with heuristic skills and strategies to solve non-routine mathematical problems.

At the end of the ASP, students are invited to participate in the Singapore & Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO) competition, typically held in April each year. Students who perform well in SASMO would be invited to take part in the Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge (SIMOC).

Chinese Culture Week

The annual Chinese Culture Week will take place from March 27th to April 4th. The theme of this year’s event is “Discovering China”. Our primary school students will be exploring Yunnan and Fujian provinces. In their Chinese culture classes, students will follow their teachers to learn about the history, culture, cuisine, and other interesting aspects of these two regions, and experience the fun cultural activities there.

一年一度的中国文化周将在3月27-4月4进行,本次文化周的主题是 “寻游中国” ,小学部的学生将寻游的是云南省和福建省。在中国文化课上,学生跟随老师一起探寻这两个地方的历史、人文、美食等等,并体验那里有趣的文化活动。

STEAM Learning Student Sharing

“I enjoy going to the STEAM Lab because we get to use our imagination and create things! Once, I even transformed 3 toilet paper rolls to a pencil holder and learned about cylinders! After doing this project, I learned to reuse, reduce and recycle. I think that the STEAM Lab is a wonderful place to learn, play and create!”Liu, Rui Xuan, G2 Angsana

“I enjoyed the STEAM project because I think this was a great chance to practice work and cooperate with my classmates. I think building the house and setting up the board as a model city was fun and creative. The experience taught me the importance of electricity and how it works as a whole ring circuit in a city. Overall, I liked the STEAM project.” Chin, Jiayue (Jacqueline), G5 Oak

“I love the STEAM Lab. At the STEAM Lab, I get to paste, cut, color, draw and create. My favourite project done at the STEAM Lab was making a volcano with simple circuits. For this project, I got to imagine, present, ask, create, ask questions and share ideas.” – Hayes, Henry G2 Angsana

“I have learnt that LED lights do not use up so much energy but they are brighter than the glass bulbs. I also learned how to do urban planning by building a little town with our group. I also learnt how to make electric circuits. I faced challenges when trying to put the houses we built together into a town. It is because it was hard to cooperate with my group about where to put the houses, but we worked this out by trying to listen to others, too. I look forward to having teamwork because even though sometimes we might get into an argument, but there are more fun moments.”Lim, Jeongyoon, G5 Maple

I like to go to the STEAM lab because we can play LEGO and make our own projects! My favourite project was the Taj Mahal wire art. I got to use clay, batteries and wires.“ – G4 Maple WANG Katherine

“I made a tree as my Wire Art project in STEAM. I learned that if one part of a circuit is missing, then the circuit will not be a complete one. I also learned that insulators stop electricity flow while conductors let electricity flow and a simple circuit has a bulb, a battery, a switch and wires.

I made a tree design. If I can make the tree thicker and stronger, the project will be better. In addition, the setting will look more like nature if I changed the colour to blue.

Here is the detailed procedure:

1. First, I made the green pipe cleaners like lightning.

2. Then, I wrapped green tape around the four pipe cleaners.

3. Next, I straightened the last blended one on the four pipe cleaners.

4. Then, I tied the two wires onto the LED light.

5. After that, I tied one paper clip onto one of the pipe cleaners. Then, repeated this with the other one.

6. Next, I stuck the paper clip to each side of the battery.

7. Then, I drew the setting with coloured pencils and markers.

– Wang, Buyi, G2 Maple

Best regards,

Ms Ramida Din (Primary School Principal)

Mr Tony Rampton (Primary School Assistant Principal)

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