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T1W2 – 9 September 2022

Let’s Go Sabres! 

The first day of school ended with extra smiles as our SISAC Volleyball teams returned to the court for their preseason ASP. Coaches were as ready as the students as they took to routines and traditions while welcoming new players to the session.  

Our SSIS Physical Education team has also welcomed a new member of staff as a teacher and an Athletics Trainer. The volleyball teams had a session with Mr. Matt, he shared,”The main focus is safety for our student athletes, we will be assessing movement and functionality to ensure correct training prescription throughout the season.” 

As the Sabres Swim Team returned to the pool after a long break, the excitement about being back in the water was evident. The swimmers were working hard as they remembered what it is like to be active and reaching for those new “PB’s” (Personal Best) times. 

We are a young team and growing on a daily basis! We will be having a new swim trial in a few weeks for new students and for those who have been working hard over the summer and are interested in joining our Swim Team. Stay tuned for details soon.  

Shanghai Swim League (SSL) season starts in a few weeks. We will be ready to compete against the other international schools in Shanghai and the surrounding areas. 

Great start to the school year and for our Sabre pre-seasons!

SSIS X TRIOLS Weekend Programme (Registration Starts Now!)

SSIS X TRIOLS 2022/23秋季周末活动期待你的加入!

The upcoming season of SSIS X TRIOLS Weekend Programme will start from Saturday, 8 October 2022. We look forward to your child/children’s participation in the SSIS X TRIOLS Weekend Programme.

新一季的SSIS X TRIOLS周末活动将于2022年10月8日周六开始。期待您的孩子报名参加SSIS X TRIOLS周末课程!

For more details and to register 报名详情链接:

For further information contact us at

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