Looking Forward to Transitions!

Change does not change tradition; it strengthens it. Change is a challenge and an opportunity, not a threat.

Prince Philip of England

At Shanghai Singapore International School, we empower students to reach their potential, and we support them in discovering their passions. We get them involved through interdisciplinary learning and after school activities and welcome them into our inclusive environment. A critical aspect of change is the transition to another division, from K2 to Primary School, and from Grade 6 to Senior School.

These transitions can often feel like a giant leap, but we are here to make the process smoother, steadier and more holistic. We’ve had a series of Tea with Principals sessions and Parent Education Workshops to help parents understand better our curriculum and methodologies. This Saturday, 12 December, we are welcoming all K2 and G6 SSIS parents to join our open day for our transition sessions.

In the meanwhile, we are also preparing students to deal with transition and getting them excited about imminent change, newfound independence and growth.

Preschool K2 to Grade 1

One particular event that the K2 children get excited about is ‘Getting Ready for Grade 1’. On Tuesday, 1 December, K2 children experienced the life of a first-grader: they were guided by Primary teachers; shared hands-on lessons with other Grade 1 students; and met teachers from the Primary division. Judging from their happy faces, we are sure they had an engaging and fun-filled day being immersed in a new learning environment.

Preschool Assistant Principal

Our K2 children had a fruitful time on Tuesday experiencing the life of a first-grader. It was a great opportunity for them to have a feel of what it will be like studying in Grade 1 next year. Besides having hands-on learning activities, they also met Grade 1 buddies who played with them at playtime after their sumptuous lunch in the Primary School Cafeteria.

Grade 6 to Senior School

At the ‘Get Ready For Grade 7’ student session on Tuesday, 8 December, Grade 6 students joined Senior School students to get a teaser of what some classes (Science, Humanities) were like. Senior School teachers gave them information about what to expect in terms of academics, activities and social interaction. A few Senior students also shared their experiences and answer questions as well. The Grade 6 studentstoured the new facilities, including the labs, Integrated Learning Centre and the Performing Arts Centre. They also took part in a tie tying competition (as Senior School students are required to wear their ties at all times as part of their school uniform).


Senior School Principal

We understand the anxieties and concerns parents have regarding transitions. Our presentation will clarify the differences between Primary School and Senior School life and expectations. Our aim is to help students and parents feel confident and be successful at the end of the transition process to Senior School here at SSIS.

We highly encourage all parents to attend the sessions led by our team of educators. We look forward to meeting our K2 and G6 parents this Saturday for the parent transition events! 

At SSIS, we provide a seamless K-12 programme. Every year, we prepare our students and parents to transit smoothly into new divisions. Our transition process is carefully structured and supported by our faculty to provide a safe and supportive environment for our students to grow, learn and excel.