Sabres Crew:Learning Leadership Skills in Sports

Sabres Crew is a student led project in school responsible for organising and planning events for the athletic teams in school. It aims to ensure that students who have been training for an extended period in multiple sports activities in school are recognised through inter-school tournaments and events such as Spirit Day and Sports Award Nights. 

The Sabres Crew has been an amazing student-driven initiative which helps to promote sporting events, Spirit Days, and is an advocate for Sabres Spirit and helps with our school’s culture.

James Cattran
CAS Coordinator and IGCSE/IB Geography Teacher

Although the Sabres Crew has immense support from teachers throughout the development process, they can independently organise events with their ideas. Sabres Crew is all about initiatives within the group, followed by a clear and decisive plan! 

I think leadership means I not only have to manage the group of people that I work with but also be able to collaborate well and be open-minded to their ideas.

Aditi Dadwal
President of Sabres Crew

Every Student a Leader!

Besides providing a strong foundation for academic success, we prepare our students for leadership roles, readying them for the challenges of the future.

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