Zhu ge hui xian
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K101090 诸葛慧仙 

ZHUGE Huixian


Bachelor’s Degree

Hangzhou Normal University

Shanghai Senior Infant Educator

I graduated from School of Infant Education at Zhejiang province in 1997. I have been engaged in preschool education work and was given titles such as “teaching expert”, “the backbone teacher” and “station expert”. Over the years, I have accumulated rich experience in preschool education.


In 2016, I was lucky enough to join Shanghai Singapore International School. The school’s philosophy has infused fresh ideas in me and caused me to have new expectation for myself. I express my passion through my actions and give full attention and respect to every student. I will help students to acquire knowledge while establishing their moral values and cultural taste. I aim to grow together with the students!

Shanghai Singapore International School

Shanghai Singapore International School

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