Join SSIS Preschool Trial Class 幼儿部试听课来啦

Are you a parent of a curious and imaginative child, looking for a nurturing and engaging learning environment? 



The experiences one has in childhood will impact their entire life.

As parents and educators, we all want the best for our children. Ensuring that they receive the right education from an early age is paramount in setting them up for a successful future.


Join SSIS Preschool Trial Class & Experience the Possibilities


Inquiry-based learning with a focus on holistic development is a unique approach that Shanghai Singapore International School Preschool has developed to focus on the developmental needs and interests of each child.

注重培养全人发展的探究式学习(inquiry-based learning)是上海新加坡外籍人员子女学校(SSIS)幼儿部研发的一套独特的教学方法,旨在关注与发掘每个孩子的发展需求与兴趣。

The best way to truly understand the benefits of inquiry-based learning is to experience it for yourself. We are excited to invite you and your little ones to join our free trial classes and experience first-hand. 


‘Be a Sabre Trial Class’ is the perfect opportunity to: 


  • Meet face-to-face with our Preschool Leadership Team and teachers 与幼儿部领导团队和教师面对面交流
  • Explore the Preschool learning spaces 探索SSIS幼儿部丰富的学习空间
  • Experience inquiry-based learning at SSIS 体验SSIS的探究式学习

Date: April 26th and May 17th

Time: 9:30 – 11:30

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to discover all that Shanghai Singapore International Preschool has to offer. 不要错过探索SSIS幼儿部的绝佳机会!

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